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Attention Working Moms ~ I Owe You An Apology

Being a ChicagoNow blogger has been a hoot. One of the fun things about this fabulous group of bloggers is a monthly one hour writing challenge. This month, the theme is “Write about a time when you made a mistake or were wrong about something.” So here is my go. Hi working moms. After 16... Read more »

Remembering 1985

Three years ago I wrote an “I Remember” post about 1982 as an exercise to empathize with my then 12 year old daughter embarking on adolescence.  Today, she’s embarking on the summer she will turn 16. And I’m remembering, with a wince and a smile.. I remember 1985 so clearly, despite the copious amounts of... Read more »

Our parents are aging. Now what?

Caring for aging parents is quickly becoming the norm among many of my friends. Whenever I pick up the phone, someone’s mom needs surgery, someone’s father has suffered a stroke or someone else’s mom is moving into assisted living. As my friends and I fully enter middle age, our parents are rapidly aging and their... Read more »