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Want to change your day? Set an intention.

Setting an intention every day when I wake up starts my morning from such a positive place, I swear the coffee tastes better.  Even though I wake up with the intention to set my intention sometimes I fall flat.  The intention to set an intention? Ha! Only me, right? No, I think most of us... Read more »

My Teenager Isn't Driving Yet, but Her Friends Are...

My daughter’s friends are driving and a new row of gray hair has suddenly appeared on my head. I thought we were safe until July, until my daughter’s 16th birthday; that bittersweet day when we go to the DMV and she smiles pretty and gets a license to freedom and we post the pic to... Read more »

Even if you meditate, yes you can say the F word

It’s been happening a lot lately. From anyone who dares to ask. Sometimes the questions are truly curious and other times they’re said with  a passive aggressive snark. Since talking more and more with friends and family about the benefits I’ve seen from meditating, the comments keep coming: ‘Do you still get angry?’ ‘Are you... Read more »

How a 40 day meditation practice can soothe your soul

A consistent meditation practice, for me, has been the foundation to a sense of mental, physical and spiritual well being. Last November, after suffering the first time from a few mild panic attacks, I set out on a 40 day meditation practice of my own to help calm me down and figure out what the... Read more »