Phone Calls From My College Student are More Than Just Phone Calls

On any given day the phone rings and based on the ringtone, I know it’s Girl, calling from college. When at all possible, I drop everything I’m doing and answer the phone with a happy, sing-song “Hellooooo!”  After hellos and how are yous, the phone call flows with tiny inklings into each other’s day. To... Read more »

My Story From 32 Years Ago Part Three

This is the final post in a short series called My Story From 32 Years Ago. You can read part two, which was posted yesterday, here and part one, here. Knowing what happened to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford makes me feel sad and agitated – because what happened to her is similar to what happened to me... Read more »

My Story From 32 Years Ago - Part Two

This post is part two of three called My Story From 32 Years Ago. You can read part one, which was posted yesterday, here. I felt humiliated and angry. . I couldn’t believe this happened to me. How could he? Why did he? Was it my fault? Should I not have made out with him?... Read more »

My Story From 32 Years Ago - Part One

The party was roaring and the alcohol was flowing. I was 16 years old in the summer of 1986. Like many 16 year old girls, I was out on a Saturday night with friends, laughing, drinking underage and partying. A boy I’d just started to date was there. It was a perfect summer party. Until... Read more »

A Guide to Surviving Your Firstborn’s College Drop-off Day

You’ve survived that dreaded trip (or ten) to Bed, Bath and Beyond. You’ve stocked her with enough cough and cold medicine to cure a preschool. You’ve gotten all the financial aid papers out of the way. And now it’s time. It’s time to take your first born to college. College drop off is emotional, exciting,... Read more »

Finding Gratitude in Grief - Part One

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly six weeks since my sweet mom passed away. Some days, the Grief, the ugly, messy, petrifying Grief, pulls the rug from under me and leaves me breathless on the floor of my closet. Yes, my 48 year old self finds comfort on the floor of my closet, crying.... Read more »

Need a new podcast? Here are five I'm loving right now

Laughing loudly, mouth open, I’m sitting in my car finding so much enjoyment in ‘Armchair Expert,’ one of my new favorite podcasts, that I’m subsequently late for yoga class.  Once inside, it takes me a bit to focus inward as I keep silently giggling. Podcasts have this affect on me. I get hooked quickly, and... Read more »

The smart phone detox one year later

Last year at this time, Jessica Gardner of Little Merry Sunshine wrote a blog post about taking a smartphone detox. The seven day cleanse originally posted by Popsugar, is the one Jessica, Beth (writer of Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom,) Megan (writer of Stable Mable) and I followed. While the original detox provided detailed and insightful... Read more »

Parents of Teens, Are Your Kids Playing Fortnite?

My son isn’t a gamer. His social activities center around a group of lifelong friends, baseball and basketball. While he has always spent time (sometimes too much) on video gaming, especially NBA 2K, I’ve never seen him enjoy himself more online than when playing Fortnite. Fortnite is a survival action video game where, according to Common Sense... Read more »

Five Things That Help Me With Hygge

Living in Chicago in February takes a nasty toll on me. I become more sluggish, a bit lazy and need an extra nudge or four to be social. To get through the cold months, I try not to fight it so much and hunker down. It’s my own version of Hygge (pronounced hue-ugh.) According to Hygge... Read more »