5 Reasons Beyonce is A Robot

Since Beyonce’s baby sister Solange beat Bey’s husband Jay Z in an elevator tabloids have been watching her every move. Now her and Jay Z are on a joint tour called On the Run (pardon the pun). Beyonce has been grabbing attention by randomly changing the lyrics to her songs about infidelity in concert with a serious wink-wink-nudge nudge toward Jay Z.

Of course this has sparked rumors that her and Jay Z are going straight from the tour to divorce court. Most likely the changing of lyrics is all part of a calculated plan to increase ticket sales.

I have long been convinced that Beyonce is a robot. Entertainer, entrepreneur, wife, mother, Sasha Fierce-she is able to accomplish things on stage and off that mere humans can’t even fathom. For all we know, her robot-making team manufactured the elevator fight because they were concerned their master project (Beyonce) wasn’t getting enough attention.

Here are five reasons Beyonce is a robot. No more need to compare yourself to her because you are human. She is not.

Do you have more proof that Beyonce is a robot? Please share your proof in the comment section below.

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