The day after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday

Martin Luther King Jr.’s family didn’t celebrate MLK Day. His son Martin Luther King III requested that people focus on getting the Freedom to Vote Act passed. “Be engaged. Right now, it is about protecting, preserving and expanding voting rights,” Martin Luther King III told CBS News. “We’re calling for no celebration without legislation,” his wife, Arndrea Waters... Read more »

My child's school was on lockdown

It started with a recorded message from the school district. A voice informed me that my child’s school was on lockdown. There were no other details. My child happened to be home from school that day. My fear jumped to thoughts of my sister who is a teacher at the school. Then I thought of... Read more »

A holiday message to white women

I’d forgotten. The pandemic kept us indoors; holiday shopping online. This year things are more or less “back to normal” and many have returned to the wild. Shopping malls are packed. Targets are overrun. Parking lots are as full as bellies on Thanksgiving. I’m at the Nordstrom Rack minding my own beeswax. I’m perusing a... Read more »

To be a long haul performer; or, if we build it we can thrive

One puff Advair, 1 Singulair, 2 hits of Nasacort, 1 Zyrtec, 2 puffs Albuterol, 1 Benzonate, 3 Ibuprofen, sometimes Tylenol. In August 2021, I took these medications every day to perform School Girls; or the African Mean Girls Play. We were the first Chicago production to do in-person performances with a live audience since March... Read more »

Mask or no mask; a portal for understanding

(For exclusive essays, antiracism education, pop culture deep dives, bonus podcast episodes and comedy join me at Buy Me A Coffee.) ——– I was in the Jewel. For those of you who don’t know, that’s a grocery store. I like to refer to it as “the Jewels”. Hencefoth, I shall. So, I was in “the... Read more »

We owe George Floyd a change

I woke up this morning in good spirits..Didn’t know today was 1 year..My whole day has shifted to Mr. Floyd..1 year. .A year that has the wear and tear of a decade treading slowly over our spirit..I truly can’t fathom all that has happened except that we were all there living through it..As an Antiracism Educator... Read more »

Pain caused by allyship in aftermath of insurrection

Imagine the worst truth you can’t control that directly affects your life is rubbed in your face, widely shared and affirmed on one of the darkest days in U.S. history. “If the insurrectionists were Black they would all be dead.” “If the rioters were Black it’d be a blood bath.” While the revelations are true,... Read more »

5 reasons I'm on Tik Tok

I recently joined Tik Tok. I was lured by the Tik Tok posts my friend Corri (@corrbette) has been sharing on Facebook. She’s found a way to showcase her point of view, writing, humor and presence, all in a one minute time frame. Her followers have grown to 19.2K. Impressive, right? I have 3 followers.... Read more »

A chance to listen to Nikole Hannah-Jones and Kimberlé Crenshaw

Last night, I had the opportunity to listen to Nikole Hannah Jones and Kimberlé Crenshaw in conversation. Literacy Partners awarded their Champions of Literacy Award to Nikole Hannah Jones for her Pulitzer Prize Winning 1619 Project. Ms. Crenshaw, the Executive Director of The African American Policy Forum and creator of the theory of intersectionality was asked... Read more »

Trump is an emotional abuser

It became clear at the debate between Biden and Trump. There was one moment that shook me to my core. Joe Biden used the word “smart” in a sentence. Trump seized on him in a foreboding, dark growl; similar to the tone he used in 2016 when he called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”. Trump said,... Read more »