The Part of the Marathon You're Missing

There’s a point during the Chicago Marathon when the knots of runners start to loosen, where the flood becomes a stream and then clumps. It’s the part where spectators, moving on for breakfast or points further down the course, have been falling off one by two by one, and now the holes start to show.... Read more »

The Internet: Earth's Largest Junior High

I was cyberbullied. I was minding my business after starting a discussion on a popular discussion-starting-site about one of the articles I’d written elsewhere about a television show. I’d submitted the link, and then someone pointed out an error in the article. Horrors. That’s not the bullying part, by the way. I’m not quite that... Read more »

So Glad it Wasn't Me

Sometimes the universe gives you a glimpse of the path you didn’t go down, the one you would still be on if, at some point, you hadn’t stopped, looked around, and said, “what the heck am I doing here?” I was at one of those fast-foody Greek places, where it’s all real food and thus... Read more »

A Boy and His Security...Wait What?

We tend to take security where we find it. My friend P.’s baby, Little J. just turned one, and he has recently become extremely attached to a small hot-pink Frisbee. It belongs to his sister, H. she got it at camp, but he doesn’t care, he saw it and knew he needed it. He’s been... Read more »

Congrats, K. and S. on a Baby Well Done!

I’ve written about my friend K. a few times on this blog. She and I played hooky and ended up the proud owners of a couple of new dresses; we went to the movies and found just about everything more interesting than the movie itself. I’ve also mentioned that she was about 182 months pregnant... Read more »

So Which One Are You?

The paper sign hangs over the lane number as a warning for most, a taunt for some: “15 Items or Less ONLY.” After a previous failed attempt to buy a particular item that I shall not name but you could easily discover (yes, I know what I said last time. I swear. It’s the last... Read more »

A Movie-Going Experience More Interesting than the Movie

I’m one of those people who’s always afraid the movie will sell out. My friend K. and I had to get to “Jack Goes Boating” at least twenty minutes before the screening so that we’d get our seats. The theater was empty. Except for one other guy. Who sat directly behind us. It was weird.... Read more »

Enjoy it Quickly, It's Almost Over

Enjoy it Quickly, It's Almost Over
The back-to-school sales started weeks ago, circulars with upright boxes and shiny folders and beckoning lamps for the first-time college-bound, but it’s only now that you can see it, the winding down of summer just hovering a few feet up the road. The pace on the street is different, we know what’s ending and what’s... Read more »

My Summer Fling with Ben & Jerry

Maybe it’s the bouts of hot weather, sometimes so oppressive that winter sounds like a good idea, which, here in Chicago, means it’s awfully oppressive. Or maybe it’s a long, long drought, that once broken, turned to a torrent. Or maybe it’s because it’s just so darn good. But for some reason this summer, I... Read more »

Hey, It Was a Crisis to Me

I’ve had two strange bouts of communication cut-off today. First, this morning, my telephone didn’t work. Yes, I’m one of those people who still has a landline, if an internet phone can be called a landline. My cell phone hasn’t completely earned my trust, I can’t rely on it to be there for me when... Read more »