Rice Cube's Road Trip: AT&T Park

This is the last week we will spend in California as I have to go back home to Chicago to start up work again.  On Wednesday, we decided to head up to the Bay Area one last time to visit my side of the family, and on our way we elected to go through San Francisco, home of the defending World Series champion Giants (who don’t look so hot right now).  It’s kind of cool that I was able to do this with the family one year after checking out Fenway Park and the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

I’ve been to AT&T Park once (back when it was Pacific Bell Park, I believe) and watched Barry Bonds walk during all of his plate appearances.  It was a beautiful night and a great experience (the Giants won).  I actually went to a Giants game AFTER I went to Wrigley Field for the first time, and while I enjoyed my initial visit to the Chicago Cubs’ home, I could not deny that the Giants had a much better facility in almost every way.  Now that the Wrigley Field renovations are underway, I am excited for the day that Wrigleyville rivals the by-the-Bay experience I saw in San Francisco.  I realize that’s blasphemous to hear from a Cubs fan, but the Giants really have the trump card on aesthetics in terms of the surrounding area.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, too, which is unusual as whenever I visit San Francisco it’s usually foggy or overcast.

You may also notice from the gallery below that the Giants have a lot of milestones captured in their bay-front walk.  This includes events like Tim Lincecum‘s no-hitter, Matt Cain‘s perfect game, their various postseason accomplishments, and Barry Bonds’ home run records.  The wife made a few cracks about steroids, but I’ve already made my philosophy on performance enhancing drugs known.  It’s interesting to note how much the Giants revere Bonds and his accomplishments despite his reported clubhouse attitude and the issues with performance-enhancing drugs, while the Cubs have issues with one of their most popular players ever.  Makes you think…

Anyway, enjoy the gallery, and hopefully I’ll be able to see a game between the Cubs and the Giants at this park again someday instead of just walking around a sleepy ballpark during the All-Star Break.


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