#LetsGo #Cubs: A Fun Day at "New" Wrigley Field

Thanks to Ed Nickow, aka “Cubs in Haiku” (you can check out his blog on ChicagoNow here, and also follow him on Twitter), my son and I went to Wrigley Field this year much earlier than expected.  Usually I don’t get to go to games until the end of April at the earliest, and mostly after late-May, but because Ed couldn’t go today, he was like, “Hey, take some free tickets,” and of course I can’t refuse free Cubs tickets!  So yes, thanks Ed.

We arrived at Wrigley Field on a super foggy day just before the gates opened, and entered at Clark and Addison under the marquee.  I’m still not used to the hashtag under the display board, but whatever, I’ll live.  We got our usual fare at the concessions and then went up to Ed’s season ticket holder seats, which were actually really nice.  There was a pole that obscured part of right field, but it wasn’t terrible at all.  So again, thanks Ed.

It was super cold with the sun obscured by cloud cover and dense fog.  The fog didn’t affect the on-field visuals, but it was certainly gloomy out.  Some guy a few rows ahead of us actually smoked a cigarette before putting it out, so I didn’t have to report him.  I have to say that the Jumbotron (excuse me, Daktronics video board) was done in a classy way, though you could tell when the video crew screwed up a bit, like when they gave Miguel Montero #16 during one of the intro graphics.  But overall it looked pretty seamless, and I liked the way replays were incorporated into the visuals, like when Joe Maddon challenged the Matt Szczur play late in the game (Matt was out, but it was really close and a really good bunt, in my opinion).

In case you were wondering, the Cubs won, thanks in part to timely plays by Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro and Miguel Montero.  Jake Arrieta was nails despite some early control problems that both my son and I were complaining about (no runs though!) and the bullpen was lights out, just like on Opening Night.  The game was done in around 2.5 hours, and while I did yell at the umpire to call a ball on Lance Lynn when he failed to deliver a pitch before the countdown timer ran out, the pace of play was fine (I hope the Cubs didn’t get any of these letters from MLB!).

One more time…thanks Ed.  Here are some pictures, and hey, I did promise him a win.




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  • Going to see the Cubs play the Pirates in a few weeks. I almost want to postpone my first visit to the stadium due to all of the construction. No can do though, going to check out U.S. Cellular Field the day before. Just surprised at all of the renovating being done to a ballpark that has always been nostalgic and timeless. In retrospect, I guess Fenway Park has seen it's share of additions as well.

  • In reply to jwmann2:

    They had a lot of challenges having to accommodate the city, MLB's schedule and a fan base that doesn't accept any substitutes. All things considered I think it's miraculous the Cubs were able to pull it off, toilet humor aside.

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