The 2015 Cubs Convention in Pictures

Hi guys!  So you’re probably wondering where we’ve been, and like Rice said a while back, we’ve decided to hang out mostly at our mother ship.  But since he’s technologically challenged and can’t get our gallery widget to work, we’re sharing pictures here.  You can also read Anno’s blogs about the bleacher construction delay and the new video boards here.  Please go over there and check us out!  Rice will post for the next ChicagoNow Blogapalooza, as promised.

Last weekend, the Chicago Cubs hosted their 30th annual Cubs Convention; this was the first one I attended since 2012. Frankly, I had stopped attending because there wasn’t much to look forward to, but this one was sold-out and you could just feel something different this time around. You could feel the excitement in the air; there’s a new sense of confidence all the way from the top that radiates down to the fans. I along with other fans got the chance to meet current, former and future Cubs. I was very lucky and I have to say that Cubs employees were extremely nice to me. I was able to meet Kerry Wood (WHAT?!) Starlin Castro, Jake Arrieta and Miguel Montero! The 2012 Convention was very special to me because I got to meet Geovany Soto but I have to say that this one was the best one yet. From the opening ceremonies to the Friday Night with Ryan Dempster show, to meeting the players, getting autographs, the variety of the panels, Cubs Bingo and hanging out with friends, it just couldn’t have been more perfect. My highlight was definitely meeting Miguel Montero and him knowing who I was. Out of all his Twitter followers, he knew who I WAS! We chatted for a little bit and he has become my favorite Cub, I might be a little biased because we share the same last name but let me tell you, I do love my Catchers!

There is just nothing that compares to baseball, at least for me. My love for the game is indescribable, but that’s another blog in itself. I’m just so happy to see the enthusiasm back in Chicago, back in my beloved team. I’ve included a few pictures for all of you to enjoy.


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P.S. Only 72 more days to go.





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