Something Something Jon Lester

Something Something Jon Lester

So are you eager to hear Jon Lester‘s decision?

Tough luck…we’ll have to wait just a bit more:


Now there’s some sort of good news on that front:

Which does come with a caveat:

So we had previously considered how much we would pay Lester if we were in charge:

Andy and I were doing some speculation and we believe that a theoretical max contract around six years, $168MM (that’s $28MM AAV, which sounds ridiculous until you realize how much money is in baseball now and the projected increase in revenue that the Cubs believe they will earn) would work.  They may have to throw in a vesting option for a seventh year or even guarantee that seventh year, but that is the price of free agency (which is why it was so important to build from within to keep the budget in check).

If the seventh year is important, then 7/$170MM seems like a reasonable offer since the earlier rumors suggested that Lester’s agents were holding out for $150MM.  If the Cubs were already over $140MM and were in the lead for Lester’s services, then maybe that’s not too far of a stretch.  In case you were afraid the Yankees were the mystery team:

I don’t know that any team would necessarily say right off the bat that they’re out of it, but Heyman usually doesn’t mess up with these things. However it’s kind of weird to see the Yankees prefer Max Scherzer, who would cost money AND the draft pick, rather than just going for Lester and then going for Scherzer as the backup plan.  As for the Red Sox, it sounds like they’re playing this by ear:

And just in case you were afraid that the Cubs may wuss out, here’s Jed Hoyer:


They already (reportedly) inked Jason Hammel, and the Cubs have always been linked to Lester, so Chicago should be in this thing through the end game until Jon Lester decides.  I guess we’ll see what Chris Cotillo cooks up at 4 AM then.  We end with this “god damn it” tweet:




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  • Anyway, the White Sox just took the air out of this story.

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