We sure could use some news, eh?

We sure could use some news, eh?

Today actually didn’t suck, and in many ways I think the school I work for does things so much better than other schools in Chicago.  Obviously things could be better (I’d prefer not to have to keep students from trying to kill each other) but compared to some other stories I’ve hard in CPS schools, and even in schools I’ve substituted in, it’s a far cry from absolute mayhem.  So for that I am grateful.  These kids want to learn and make themselves better, they just need a lot of help, support, and tough love.  I can handle that.

Anyway, there’s very little news other than idle speculation because the Cubs have a buttload of money to spend and there are a bunch of free agents that would love to have a chunk of that cash.  So we’re reduced to blogging about randomness.

Let’s start with the Tampa Bay Rays, who are still recovering from losing both Andrew Friedman to the Dodgers and Joe Maddon to the Cubs.  The rundown as the Rays search for a new manager:



The strange part isn’t that they are interviewing candidates, but that the Rays are naming names so early in the process. I don’t know that any teams actually put out a release like this, but the names are certainly interesting, including Raul Ibanez.  I think it’s sad that a team as well-run as the Rays are taking so many hits at once, and it sucks for the fans as well, as the Rays fan base is very intelligent and dedicated even if they don’t show up to the park.  But the Cubs got their man, and since we’re Cubs fans, we can’t get too sad about that.

Speaking of things that don’t suck, check out what Kris Bryant randomly did for a fan:



I’d be happy with an autograph on my baseball, maybe I’ll mail him one and ask him for such hehe.  And while one slugger was doing good deeds for the fan base, another slugger got hosed in the Silver Sluggers as Adrian Gonzalez won the award over Anthony Rizzo.  You may recall that at one point the two gentlemen were traded for each other, and somehow Anthony Rizzo always finds his way back to Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer, so obviously they really like the guy, and for good reason.  (You can check out all the winners here.)  The problem is, when you actually dive into the statistics, the only reason Gonzalez won was probably because of RBIs.  I would have been okay with it if Paul Goldschmidt had stayed healthy and won over Rizzo, but this one is just puzzling.  And while it’s not that surprising that he didn’t win, Starlin Castro had a legitimate case for the Silver Slugger as the second or third best shortstop in the majors (depending on whether you consider Hanley Ramirez a shortstop anymore).  Seems like as good a time as any to point out how valuable the two core pieces of the Cubs offense are right now.

Wrigley Field, by the way, is now completely bleachers-less.  It’s very strange to see the outline of the outfield with no seats, and you can actually appreciate how good the views are from one of the rooftop buildings if there weren’t things like bleachers and Jumbotrons in the way.  But since I normally like to take in my Cubs baseball from inside the ballpark, Jumbotron away!



Finally, I think we have to give a shout out to all the fans of our blogs, Facebook page and Twitter.  I honestly don’t know why people follow me on Twitter, I’m just there to have some fun and talk baseball, so, uh, thanks!  As for this blog, we didn’t actually start out as a blog…it started as a guy who set up a friend page to talk Cubs, then another guy came along and told the first guy to set up a fan page, and then we set up a blog, and it kind of exploded from there.  Check it out:

You like us!  You really like us!

You like us! You really like us!

We’re not a huge blog juggernaut by any means, but to be able to hang out with 3000+ fans on Facebook, another 2000 or so on Twitter between all of our authors, and those of you who comment and read our blogs is an honor.  Thanks for supporting World Series Dreaming, and go Cubs!  We’ll be here for sure, updating the latest news and rumors and providing analysis and snark as always.


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  • If radio is any news, Ricketts and Maddon were on the radio. I didn't catch Ricketts, but he was reported on Scoreboard Update having said something like "I take expenses out of admissions, and Theo gets the rest." It didn't appear that he said how much was left.

    I did catch Maddon, and it seemed like most of it was "I need to learn about the effect of the wind and the like at Wrigley," "I know and like the coaches," and "I have to keep 'Counsin Eddie" in Mesa."

  • We did a run down of the Cubs' available baseball-related finances in July, which is pretty similar to what most bloggers and media folks have come up with recently. They'll have money.

  • Maybe we are in a news void, as Inside the Clubhouse is Bears at 9 and Bulls at 10. I don't wonder if Levine has any insights about Cutler's lack of leadership or Rose's gimpy ankles.

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