Tampering? Prove It

Tampering? Prove It

On football Sunday, you’re probably getting ready for some handegg action, but the baseball offseason keeps going.  In between salivating over free agents and checking out C.J. Edwards in the Fall Stars Game, the Cubs are also getting set to introduce Joe Maddon as their new manager on Monday.  And of course, there’s the tampering.

But wait!




As previously noted, Theo Epstein’s statement and Jed Hoyer’s visit with Rick Renteria established a very concrete timeline of events that reduced the likelihood of tampering, or at least damaged any charges of tampering that could be brought against them. And unless Nero is fiddling while Wrigley/Rome burns, this pretty much ends the case unless they forgot to delete a text or e-mail or something.

Enjoy the handegg, folks.


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  • Rice Cube... My thoughts exactly. The Rays are dizzy from the loss of the two best members of their organization and looking to blame someone. But look no further than yourselves. How do you operate on a handshake deal with your GM, and then also give your manager an opt-out clause if the GM leaves (including potentially to follow the GM to his next team). Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    But it certainly sounds like the agent gave the Cubs a heads up, but that does not mean the Cubs tampere. The agent did what all sports agents do: send out test soundings. But it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to know the Cubs would be interested in upgrading from one of the cheapest, least experienced managers to one of the best. But MLB can't punish agents, only the teams.

  • In reply to SkitSketchJeff:

    We as fans don't know all the specifics but I'd be really surprised if the Cubs and the agent left a paper trail that would even suggest tampering. It would certainly shake my faith in their intelligence and PR savvy.

  • In reply to Rice Cube:

    You would also have to wonder what investigator TB has that could find a paper trail, especially if Theo isn't goofing about having talked to MLB first.

  • In reply to jack:

    My guess is that it's a minor power play and nothing will come of it, although you never can be too sure...

  • In reply to Rice Cube:

    And if the Dodgers signed Maddon, the Rays would be questioning whether the Dodgers signed. Should the Cubs be suggesting potential tampering of Chris Bosio by the Twins, with the rumors swirling that Molitor might want him as his pitching coach despite Bosio being under contract?

    Tampering is so hard to prove in the Maddon case also because his opt out clause didn't preclude him from still returning to the Rays. The Rays didn't want to pay him more than their last offer, but if they had come close to matching the Cubs offer, it seems he would have stayed in Tampa, especially with Maddon having a new mansion under construction and about to launch a new restaurant. But the Rays didn't continue negotiations once Maddon optioned out. That's there choice.

  • Lets end this tampering talk......send the Rays last years team jock straps from Iowa to end their bitching.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    The radio consensus was that if they want compensation, send them Edwin Jackson.

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