Shots Fired! Theo Epstein: "Come at us, Bro..."

Shots Fired! Theo Epstein: "Come at us, Bro..."

Shortly after the news of Joe Maddon becoming the new Chicago Cubs manager came to light, there were rumors that the Tampa Bay Rays, Maddon’s former team, would explore and pursue tampering charges against the Cubs for stealing Maddon away from them.  Never mind that from all accounts, it seems like Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer, Maddon and his agent, Alan Nero, went through the proper channels in order to pursue the new deal.  Never mind that the Rays were allegedly lowballing Maddon with a 3-year, $9MM offer:

Maddon and the Rays had initial contract discussions. Maddon initially asked for a three-year deal that would pay him about $12 million — roughly $3 million, $4 million and $5 million per season in sequence. Tampa Bay’s final offer was for three years at $9 million — topping out at around $3.2 million in a season. The Rays never got a counter-offer on that.

Also never mind the fact that any team with the finances would blow that contract out of the water.  The Cubs did.

Now we have an official tampering investigation going forward, and the Cubs have some statements to address those charges:

No wait, that was slightly editorialized. Let’s try again:



That’s as close to a “Come at me, bro” as one can get. My hope here is that the Cubs are in the clear as they are acting as though they have nothing to hide. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how long this actually stretches out for, but here are my quickie opinions from earlier today:



This again seems super-petty and also seems like a waste of time and resources, but if it makes the Rays feel a little better from suffering their ouchy-boo-boos, then so be it.  I guess the Rays don’t have anything to lose other than some perception; if they “win” this fight, they might get some monetary compensation or a fringe minor leaguer.  Right now, however, it remains a minor annoyance, like that itch you can’t scratch or the buzzing fly that you can’t smack.

Come at us, bro.


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  • TB is deeply concerned that they will lose their remaining 5 fans.

    If one wants to investigate tampering how about with the White Sox and Mariners in the late 1980s through mid 1990s?

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