Post-Turkey Coma Notes

Post-Turkey Coma Notes
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Looks like the earlier bout of random hacking was cleared up, not sure what happened there.  I don’t really surf for anything illicit on this machine (because I’m a law-abiding citizen, see?) so that was quite a surprise, but WSD on ChicagoNow is back in action after recovery from a net coma as well as my personal comeback from the food coma.  While recovering I’ve been Twittering, watching Jurassic Park and some meh football in between, and having good conversations with folks similarly recovering from turkey poisoning.

Item one: From Stan, whom you should follow on Twitter just because, it appears that Cubs pitcher Pedro Strop was involved in a car accident in the Dominican Republic after some festivities.



There seems to be an inordinate number of automobile accidents involving MLB players in the Dominican lately, and that is a bit troubling but it is good to know that Strop is okay. I guess we’ll have to wait for more information, and hopefully Strop wasn’t intoxicated at the time, but again, he’s alive so that’s good.

Prior to this news, some Twitter buddies and I were discussing the news that the San Diego Padres were being contacted about their catchers.  This includes Yasmani Grandal, who I’ve thought of before; Rene Rivera; and the Padres’ top prospect, Austin Hedges.

So I posed the question on Twitter for anyone who survived the meal and avoided the Black Thursday/Friday mayhem, and here’s what we came up with:


That would be a proposed trade for the Padres’ Tyson Ross (right-handed pitcher) and Yasmani Grandal in exchange for the Cubs’ C.J. Edwards, Luis Valbuena (whom we are thankful for but if he can be flipped for an upgrade, go for it), Travis Wood (having a down year) and Bijan Rademacher, who has quietly snuck into the top Cubs prospects lists.  Rademacher has a funny minor league pitching line too; he’s got a great ERA (0.00 to be exact) but needs to work on his command.

The idea is that Edwards projects to be a reliever long-term even though his stuff could be top of rotation, but his body size may preclude him from maintaining the stamina or durability needed to be a starter.  For a club without too much impact pitching like the Cubs, it’s a bit of a tough pill to have to give up their top pitching prospect, but let’s take a look at the return below.  I’m kind of surprised that the consensus was that the trade starts with Valbuena, but he’s proven to be a valuable commodity and most of my followers are very astute so I trust their judgment.  Travis Wood obviously had a poor 2014 but he may get a revival in Petco Park.

In return we’re getting a young catcher in Grandal who seemed to have a breakout offensive season, though his defense behind the dish needs work.  I preferred Austin Hedges due to his age, but if the Cubs are looking for a catching upgrade (at least on offense), Grandal is major league ready as a switch-hitter and Henry Blanco could probably help him improve on the defensive side.  Tyson Ross was an All-Star last season and had decent peripherals (though obviously he pitched in Petco, a notorious pitcher-friendly park), so that was an interesting name to throw into the trade idea that I hadn’t even considered.  Ross is also arbitration eligible for the first time next season and will be cost controlled for the next three seasons.  If we’re giving up a GUY in Edwards, and a few other guys who can be solid including Valbuena, getting a major league tested battery in return isn’t that bad.

Good work, Twitter friends!  Now let’s see if something actually happens.


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    What are your thoughts on Hedges vs Grandal? Hedges might more likely be the primary target since Jed drafted him while with SD, I believe. He's also top-notch defensively.

  • I prefer the younger and defensively more capable catcher, but the argument is that you can teach defense more effectively than teaching offense, so in that sense you take the bat and worry about the defense later. It also depends on whether you think Hedges' bat will develop enough for him to be a solid regular as he's been an offensive black hole in the minors recently.

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