New Rumor: Boston reportedly offered Jon Lester 6 years, $110-120 million

New Rumor: Boston reportedly offered Jon Lester 6 years, $110-120 million
Cubs Will Likely Target A's Ace Jon Lester This Winter (Photo: Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Per Nick Cafardo, regarding one Jon Lester:



We’ve previously talked about the Chicago Cubs missing out on Russell Martin and what that could mean to their offseason.  Now we have a reliable report (Cafardo is pretty good and was like the de facto Cubs beat reporter when Theo Epstein was hired by the Cubs in 2011) that Lester’s offer from the Boston Red Sox might be a bit on the low side.  Of course, the Sawx can drive up the price later, and with the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals allegedly showing interest as well (Lester has a home in Atlanta), the market finagling has only just begun.  But if we take a look at the Cubs’ financial flexibility, and the fact that this is a much more enticing and legitimate target than Russell Martin was, then it isn’t hard to imagine the Cubs matching the six years and going to $135-140MM to do it.  Also, the Cubs could potentially throw in an option year, or guarantee an extra year or two for those of you who like overpaying.  In this case, however, I believe that the Cubs can afford the overpay and this is a durable and consistent starter that they would be overpaying on.

Given the recent signing of Giancarlo Stanton by the Miami Marlins and Billy Butler by the Oakland Athletics, the signs seem apparent that MLB is flush with money and teams are willing to spend it.  Toronto made an obvious overpay to lure Russell Martin away from the Cubs and other suitors.  I believe the Cubs can make a similar (and in my mind, more reasonable) overpay here, if Cafardo’s source was correct and the Red Sox are continuing to low-ball Lester here.

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    ummmm......isnt this just about the same (same annual salary plus 5-15 mil more over 6 years) offer as the widely ridiculed 4 years and $70 mil which the Red Sox insanely offered earlier in the year, with just two years added????? ( 70 / 4 = 17.5 x 6 = 105 )---low ball 2--really? the best Red Sox pitcher in playoff history (?) being pushed out???? NYY rumoured to be offering $200 over 8 years---ouch if so---$100 mil for 5 years would have done it in spring training--WTF are Sox brass on??

  • In reply to Dave Schock:

    I believe you are correct about this. 6/$120MM would be on the high end of Boston's initial offer and that's $20MM annual average. The original extension offer was assuming that they could save off the free agent price since Lester was still under club control at the time, however Lester was wise to wait it out because now someone is gonna pay him big. Also keep in mind that Boston could negotiate the salary further, and the Cubs would have to overpay to get him away from the Red Sox. However, the Cubs aren't exactly desperate either, and there are alternatives to Lester even if we're hopeful that he becomes a Cub.

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