As the Shark Turns....(Update: Or not?)

As the Shark Turns....(Update: Or not?)

Mere months after being traded to the Oakland Athletics to drive that club’s failed postseason push, former Cubs ace Jeff Samardzija looks to be on the move again:


It’s hard to imagine the Cubs actually being in on this trade so let’s just eliminate that option right now.  If we’re talking three or four players, with Billy Beane possibly undecided on whether he’ll gut the team for a rebuild or just retool for another run at the postseason, then given what the Boston Red Sox just did in spending out the wazoo so far this offseason, they seem like a logical trade partner.  The trade return depends on Beane’s philosophy; if they aim to contend, the pieces should be MLB ready.  If they’re rebuilding, this could be a relatively well-regarded prospect or two.

This may also affect the pursuit of Jon Lester (just maybe) and also the trade market for Cole Hamels.  If Boston is the suspected trade partner, then I believe that they will not be deterred from additional moves just from adding Samardzija.  And it’s not just the Red Sox who would be in on Samardzija, but they do make the most sense right now.

Just like in July, Billy Beane has jumped the trade market again.  Updates as we get them.

UPDATE: Just kidding?




Huh!  This is strange.  The A’s are apparently in on a multitude of trades, this happening two weeks before the Winter Meetings, so I guess we have to wait and see (again) what’s going on and whether Jeff Samardzija is ultimately going to be moved anyway.


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  • As Bruce...Bruce...Bruce just pointed out, if Jeff is determined not to sign a long term deal until reaching free agency, and letting Lester set the market, it is unlikely that anyone is going to offer Billy a big return, besides paying $10 mil in salary on a one-year arbitration deal. Don't know if it is just repeating Rosenthal, but makes sense.

    Discussion was in connection with the Sox, but you know he wasn't interested in giving the Cubs any deal.

  • According to radio news, maybe the original tweet was about Donaldson to the Jays. reference.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yeah, we didn't have time to update but there is chatter of a Samardzija trade, with the White Sox interested. Just waiting for more info this time.

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