The 1060 Project

The 1060 Project


I hope you have that view locked squarely away in your memories, because the next time you see baseball at Wrigley Field, that view will change! That is because the day has finally arrived! The official ground breaking at Wrigley Field for the renovations, expansion and rebuild of historic Wrigley field has arrived!

Upon entering the ceremony, everyone was given a gift by the Chicago Cubs!

A big day, one we have been waiting years for.

The most important person in Chicago, and the most important person (currently) in baseball? What could possibly go wrong?

Are you ready to dig in and get started?

Do you think that Wrigley Field will be ready in time?

We all hard our doubts. I was beginning to wonder if they would ever get this project started.

An All Star Game at Wrigley Field? That would be epic!


Whether you are happy wit the idea or not, Wrigley Field is about to change, and change for the better. The ground breaking has begun, and there is no turning back. This is the start of a brand new Wrigley Field in 2015.


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  • I suppose that the only thing that can hold it up is if we get another winter like the last one.

    From what I can tell, they had the shovels in the ground in the wrong place, since Roger Bossard fixed the field.

    Two most important people? I thought Bud was on the way out and friends with the managing partner of a team about 8 miles away, and Ed Burke is from the southwest side, too.

    As for 1060, I remember that John Candy of the Illinois State Police figured it out, but Henry Gibson and his Illinois Nazis didn't (see picture in referenced post).

  • In reply to jack:
  • In reply to jack:

    that is why I said currently. Bud is still the commissioner.. for a little longer I believe.

    It was a symbolic shovel dig. The real work has already started on the outside.

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