MLB Extreme Elimination Challenge

MLB Extreme Elimination Challenge

Tonight was the last time Derek Jeter would ever play at Yankee Stadium in Yankee pinstripes as an active player on the Yankees so of course there was a lot of fanfare and what not.  The game was, fittingly, the free game of the day on, so I got to watch most of it.  Jeter hit a run-scoring double and also catalyzed the go-ahead runs with his Hall of Fame reached-on-error, using his awesome Yankee powers of awesome to cause J.J. Hardy to throw away a would-be double-play ball.  The ball was hit so slowly that I think Jeter would’ve beat out the relay anyway and gotten the RBI, but that was some true grit there.  I kid, of course…Derek Jeter was one of the first MLB players I ever followed and coincided with my rekindled interest in baseball in the mid-1990s, so this is kind of a sad moment for me.  David Robertson blew the save by giving up two bombs in the ninth, and guess who got a chance to walk it off?

Of course, the Yankees have been eliminated from postseason contention for the second straight year despite having a gargantuan payroll.  Payroll doesn’t help as much when the farm system is barren, Masahiro Tanaka breaks, and everyone else who makes the big bucks is old and/or broken and/or sucks.  The team they beat, the Baltimore Orioles, had already clinched the American League East and could still earn home field advantage through the World Series if they win out and the Los Angeles Angels, winners of the AL West, lose their final three games.  That’s highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened in baseball.

In that final series, the Seattle Mariners will host said Angels in a do-or-die series for the M’s as they must win out and hope either the Kansas City Royals or the Oakland Athletics keep losing.  Mariners elimination number is just 2, so they have essentially no room for error.  Ditto for the Cleveland Indians, who have miraculously stayed alive up to now but one more win by Oakland (if it ever happens), or one loss by the Tribe, and they’re done. Unfortunately for the A’s…


The last division race in the AL to be decided is the Central, and Minnesota isn’t really doing their job to spoil against the Detroit Tigers as the final weekend approaches.  KC beat the White Sox tonight to stay within two games of the Tigers (and a game up on the A’s for the first wild card spot) but it would take a minor miracle for them to take over the division lead.  KC continues playing the White Sox this weekend, while the Tigers get to keep beating up the woeful Twins.

The National League is set as the Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Reds today, ending their hopes of reaching the postseason.  The Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants are guaranteed wild cards, while the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers have clinched their respective divisions.  However, the seeding can still change as Pittsburgh will pull within a game of the St. Louis Cardinals in the Central with their beatdown of the Atlanta Braves and the Cubs playing spoiler, while the Giants are just one game back of the Pirates with a series against the San Diego Padres coming up.  So we know the five NL teams, we just don’t know who will play where in the first rounds, especially since home field advantage through the NLCS is still up for grabs between the Nats and the Dodgers.

Just for fun, the Braves are barely ahead of the Marlins, and apparently this happened early in the spring…



Wouldn’t that be something?

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