Waiting For Bryant

Waiting For Bryant

The Cubs killed a few baseballs Friday night in St. Louis, marking one of the most entertaining games in recent Cub fan memories since…well, probably sometime last week actually.  It has been an incredibly splendid time to be a Cubs fan despite their non-contender status and their still-in-progress building process.  The time will come, and it is definitely okay to get a bit excited.  Okay, honestly, get a LOT excited.  Even through all the strikeouts and boneheaded plays, the fact that the core prospects are getting their next level of development in against mostly contending teams (even the Cincinnati Reds at one point were over .500 and are still a decent enough squad that they will offer good competition) is a bit of serendipity for the Cubs front office and for us as hungry fans..

As the Best Fans in Baseball (TM) wondered why it was hailing baseballs in St. Louis, Javier Baez gave us a very provocative and prescient sound byte:

Javier Baez stood at his locker and delivered what could become the money quote for the next chapter in the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry: “We’re just waiting for Bryant now.”

Of course, Kris Bryant isn’t going to be called up this year for any number of reasons.  We’ve blogged before about the financial aspect, and in Patrick Mooney’s article (Patrick Mooney is awesome by the way and you should follow him on Twitter), Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer lists the full-up 40-man roster as one of the other very good reasons to keep Bryant in Iowa until early next year.  This doesn’t mean that Bryant sucks, and it also doesn’t mean that everyone on the 40-man roster save for the obvious candidates are better than Bryant; it’s just how baseball works across all 30 clubs, including the Cubs.

In the meantime, think about the great stretch of baseball we’ve seen the Cubs play against quality competition.  They’ve stayed competitive in just about every game, and if we’ll stop skewering Starlin Castro for every random mistake he makes, everybody we expect to play well is in fact playing well for the most part, and everyone who is debuting as a Cub for the first time is doing pretty much what we expected.  Again, yes, everyone’s going to strike out a ton as they adjust to the next level of professional baseball.  But when they connect:


Even Mike Olt, who hasn’t been with the Cubs for weeks now, is still fourth in home runs on the Cubs MLB team, and he may be soon overtaken by Baez and Jorge Soler…except, oh, the Iowa Cubs are probably not playing postseason baseball and he could come back to the Cubs as a more confident hitter early next week. The fun thing to note also is that the Cubs are playing well despite not having Anthony Rizzo for a couple days due to back tightness, so the depth of the lineup is becoming apparent.


The pitchers must be happy to know that they can actually pitch to the score because their offense is so powerful. And while we most likely wait until late-April or early-May of 2015 to see Kris Bryant get his first cup of coffee, there’s always this idea…


Also keep in mind that the Cubs’ farm system doesn’t stop with Kris Bryant…there’s more.  And they’re coming.  They’re all coming.

I’ll drink to that!


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