Rice sees Fenway Park

Before my friend got married on Saturday afternoon, my other friend and I, having already done our quick blitz through Cooperstown, decided to walk from our hotel to Fenway Park.  The hotel we were staying in was right next to MIT, and we had to cross the river in order to get to Fenway.  It wasn’t a bad walk at all, especially since the Charles River is very pretty with all the boats and ducks floating across it.  The skyline isn’t as spectacular as Chicago’s though, and the road system makes no sense, but we finally did make it to Fenway Park and walked around for a while.  The walk only took about half an hour and it was lovely weather, which bode well for my friend since he was getting married in said weather.

The gallery shows the few pictures I took of the exterior.  Looking closely you can see a bit of metal fatigue and some parts where the paint is peeling off, but I guess that adds to the charm of an old ballpark.  It will be nice to see what the Ricketts can do to Wrigley Field once they get started, assuming that the lawsuits don’t cripple their efforts.  I was probably the only person within a square mile of Fenway at the time to be wearing a Cubs hat.  (Be patient as the pictures may need a few seconds to load up.)

After one loop around the Fenway block, we headed into a bar and got some Sam Adams Summer Ale.  We then left for Boylston Street where we hoped to find some good New England clam chowder, since our friend who was getting married was a vegan and I needed some form of dead animal inside me before the all-vegan reception fare.  I totally forgot the name of the bar we went into but it’s right next to the Guitar Center and they did serve some good clam chowder with oyster crackers.

They also showed Rookie of the Year (on MLB Network, apparently) on one of the ginormous TVs along the bar.

I think we drank something called a “UFO” and it was very tasty.  The wedding vegan food wasn’t as good as I had hoped since I’m a carnivorous savage, so I think I’ll have to get some more clam chowder before I leave.  I won’t be able to step inside Fenway Park for an actual game, but that’s something to consider for another day.  Driving in Boston is terrible because the roads are weird and sometimes you can’t even find street signs, but the walking game is more than adequate, and if not for some winds causing boating liabilities and our time crunch, we might have hopped on the river in a canoe or kayak too.  Definitely something to think about if I ever get back here.

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  • On the streets, Boston was founded about 250 years before the car. There was a transit strike while I was visiting there, so I got out of town.

    The last one raises the question whether Ricketts intends something on the back of the jumbotron, probably another Bud sign than "107 years of futility."

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