Rice's Jaunt to Cooperstown

It’s been a busy travel time for me as one of my best friends is getting married this Saturday.  We’ve known each other nearly two decades and it’s great to finally see him make the plunge.  In the meantime, on my way to the wedding festivities, I decided that it would be fun to go on a spectacularly insane spontaneous jaunt with my other best friend to a place I’ve never been before.

I flew into New York City at 11 PM on Thursday night, and my friend was waiting for me with some Shake Shack.  We set off immediately for Cooperstown.  You see, the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum opens at 9 AM Eastern Time on almost every day of the year, and I figure that I wouldn’t get another chance to see it for a while, so why not?  It was an interesting drive as we were both dead tired and there were a lot of winding roads in a surprising fog in extreme darkness, but we made it to a Denny’s outside Cooperstown around three in the morning, ate some grub, then got to Cooperstown around 4:30 AM, parked, walked around for a bit to stretch our legs, and then camped out in the car and slept until the sun came up.  The post office opened earlier than the museum, so we went inside so my friend could send off a letter and I saw this:


Of course I had to have it, and it helped that it was only $2!  The museum opened half an hour later and we went inside.  It’s beautifully laid out, with many exhibits and artifacts from the earliest days of the game as it was being adopted and developed.  I took over a hundred photographs and I can only share a fraction of them with you.  Considering the amount of history, the presentation of the exhibits, and the Great Hall of plaques, even though I haven’t been to any of the other HOFs other than the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, I can say that it’ll be a tough task to rival the experience one can have at Cooperstown.  I snapped a couple pictures off to the wife and while she isn’t as big of a baseball fan as I am, even she wants to go.  My friend isn’t a huge baseball fan either but recognized that the Baseball Hall of Fame is a great museum and he had fun reading all the information and seeing all the exhibits too.  I’m just glad he agreed to go on this silly trip with me, and yes, we drove straight to Boston immediately afterwards and we’re probably going to go see Fenway Park and eat some chowdah on Saturday before the big wedding.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend, and my only real complaint is that the museum is in the middle of nowhere, but that adds to the quaintness, methinks.

We only had two hours to peruse the museum before we had to go on our way, but I know I want to come back again.  Maybe next time I’ll get to walk around Doubleday Field, and perhaps read some of the plaques and captions more carefully.  So much history, so little time!

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  • I loved every image. Great job.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Thanks boss! It was a great time.

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