Lucky Cubs

Lucky Cubs

I know that the Cubs haven’t had the best of luck over the past century or so, and especially not since World War II.  But despite the fact that the major league product has been painful to watch for most of the past few years, there is hope that the luck is changing.

For one, our owner, while sometimes capable of silliness and verbal diarrhea, doesn’t suck.  In fact, he dealt with the city despite some hiccups and got approval to fix Wrigley Field up, in a manner that is beneficial to the Cubs and the city.  Additionally, the owner commissioned a webpage that essentially told the rooftops that it’s gonna happen whether they sue or not.  So finally, at least we hope so, the ballpark the Cubs call home and that we love to watch baseball at will get a much-needed facelift that it deserves.  Cool points here.

The Cubs also happen to have a front office that isn’t stupid.  And despite the fact that one of those guys is so smart that he could probably have any general manager job he wants, he decided to stick around, thanks in part to a well-deserved extension and to the fact that at least one of those franchises out there is so dysfunctional that they can’t seem to hire anyone right now.  We’re looking at a front office that has generated so much luck recently that they turned half a season of a journeyman pitcher into one of the biggest surprise potential aces we’ve seen in a while.

Even the front office could use a bit of luck here and there.  They’ve watched as the team picking in front of them got a guy who has struggled since becoming a professional, while the Cubs picked right afterwards and got quite possibly one of the best prospects ever to add to their collection of super-prospects.  And these super-prospects have to feel lucky that they’re not playing for a franchise that people may consider to be the Devil right now.

We’re lucky every night to see tweets similar to this:



And we’re lucky to see some guys currently on the MLB squad show that they can be stars and leaders for years to come.

It might not look great in the win-loss columns, but we as Cubs fans should consider ourselves lucky.  This reaction may sum it up:

Of course, if it all goes to hell later, you can totally blame me for way too much optimism.

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