Darwin Barney Designated For Assignment (UPDATES)

Darwin Barney Designated For Assignment (UPDATES)

We all pretty much knew this day was coming, and for former Gold Glove winner Darwin Barney, that day is today given the return of Emilio Bonifacio:



This of course means Arismendy Alcantara gets to stay, at least for Tuesday and most likely longer.  There are corresponding moves as the Cubs get new starters up to replace Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel.



Someone else probably goes down as Tsuyoshi Wada has to start on Wednesday and Kyuji Fujikawa is on his way back.  Anno has his own ideas of who will go.  As for Alcantara:



As of now I guess we have an official nickname for him, and it sounds like Alcantara will stay much longer than we were originally led to believe even with his recent slump and a couple gaffes in the outfield.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to see why the Cubs had to designate Barney for assignment as his bat was so feeble.  It is somewhat surprising that the Cubs couldn’t work out a PTBNL trade for him prior to the DFA, but with more than half the season gone, they’ll only be on the hook for a fraction of his $2.3MM contract, minus the prorated league minimum should someone pick him up in free agency.  Before he hits free agency, though, Barney can still be traded or claimed, so just keep your eyes open.  As if on cue, Bruce Miles with this:

With all the NL divisions still up for grabs and a huge chunk of MLB still in the wild card hunt, it will be interesting to see which team has the right PTBNL set to take Barney so the Cubs won’t be left just paying salary.

Here’s the Tuesday lineup:



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  • Barney being gone was predicted. But this being the Cubs, the question is whether they have given up on some trade and just will let him go on waivers?

  • In reply to jack:

    He can be traded after clearing waivers. Cubs should be able to pull him back and work out something. If not, it's a small enough salary that it won't hurt much at all.

  • In reply to Rice Cube:

    I wasn't talking about the salary, but the hordes of prospects that "inventory" is supposed to bring in trade, except that this "inventory" probably won't.

    Unless he is released and nobody picks him up, his salary will be paid by someone else.

  • In reply to jack:

    If he is released, the Cubs should be on the hook for the balance minus the league minimum. The hope is that over the next ten days he might be able to snag a PTBNL back so the salary can actually buy something semi-useful.

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