Cubs Draft Summary, Rapid Reaction

Cubs Draft Summary, Rapid Reaction

For previous coverage, check out our Draft Preview, the summary for the first day, and Dabynsky’s reactions to Day 1 and Day 2.  GW at Obstructed View also has a great roundup of scouting reports and videos of most of the Round 11 through 40 picks.

I just want to use this as a quick overview of the Cubs’ haul.  Some of these guys won’t sign, particularly the “tough sign” guys who the Cubs targeted in Round 11 and later (they won’t count against the draft pool restrictions if unsigned so that’s not a huge deal).  However, the consensus is that the Cubs can save enough from Kyle Schwarber and Jake Stinnett being potential underslots, and Mark Zagunis already agreeing to a bonus about $100K below slot.  The rundown via’s Draft Tracker:

Round Pick Player Position HS/College
1 4 Kyle Schwarber C JR
2 45 Jake Stinnett RHP SR
3 78 Mark Zagunis C JR
4 109 Carson Sands LHP HS
5 139 Justin Steele LHP HS
6 169 Dylan Cease RHP HS
7 199 James Norwood RHP JR
8 229 Tommy Thorpe LHP JR
9 259 James Farris RHP SR
10 289 Ryan Williams RHP SR
11 319 Jordan Brink RHP JR
12 349 Tanner Griggs RHP J2
13 379 Kevonte Mitchell 3B HS
14 409 Chesny Young 2B JR
15 439 Jeremy Null RHP JR
16 469 Jason Vosler SS JR
17 499 Michael Knighton RHP J2
18 529 Austyn Willis RHP HS
19 559 Brad Markey RHP SR
20 589 John Tomasovich SS SR
21 619 Charles White OF JR
22 649 Joey Martarano 3B FR
23 679 Isiah Gilliam OF HS
24 709 Daniel Spingola CF JR
25 739 Tyler Pearson C SR
26 769 Zach Hedges RHP JR
27 799 Calvin Graves CF SR
28 829 Jacob Niggemeyer RHP HS
29 859 Gianni Zayas RHP J2
30 889 Michael Cantu C HS
31 919 Brad Depperman RHP HS
32 949 Andrew Ely 2B JR
33 979 Brad Bass RHP HS
34 1009 Steven Kane RHP J3
35 1039 Jordan Minch LHP SO
36 1069 DJ Peters OF HS
37 1099 Riley Adams C HS
38 1129 Daniel Wasinger C HS
39 1159 David Petrino C J2
40 1189 Diamond Johnson CF HS

Based on the list (formatted kinda bleh, but it’s there), and with the caveat that not all of them will sign, the Cubs took:

  • Seven catchers, including early picks Schwarber and Zagunis, with a huge maybe on Cantu;
  • Two second basemen;
  • Two third basemen;
  • Two shortstops;
  • Three listed center fielders;
  • Three general outfielders (I’m guessing they can at least stand in center though);
  • Four left-handed pitchers, including tough-sign Sands;
  • 17 right-handed pitchers

Of those 40 picks, 14 are from the high school ranks and the rest are either junior college or 4-year university players.

It seemed that the Cubs continued their strategy of targeting lots of projectable arms to generate tons of pitching depth in the system.  The position players were catching heavy especially towards the end of the draft, and the thing is, even if some of these guys can’t stay behind the plate, it’s not that difficult to move a catcher into a corner infield or outfield spot.  My hypothesis is that the Cubs know they need money in order to sign serious college commits like Dylan Cease and therefore were looking to acquire good value players while maximizing signability.  As Dab noted earlier via Chris Cotillo, Zagunis has already agreed to sign under slot and it looks like Carson Sands is serious about signing with the Cubs as well.

The signing deadline is July 18th so we’ll have a fun few weeks to see who actually wants to become a Cub and who will hold out until the very end for every last cent.  Sorry this was up a little late, I was still coming off a high with the Cubs winning their fifth straight and Lennie Merullo totally killing it in the WGN booth.

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