Dreamcast 38: The Big Z Edition

Dreamcast 38: The Big Z Edition

This podcast is dedicated to one of the most exciting yet controversial Cubs players of all time, Carlos Zambrano.  Hope you’re doing well wherever you’re at, Big Z.

This week, we saw a LOT of guys going down to injury.  The Detroit Tigers lost Jose Iglesias for most of the season, prompting us to determine whether this could be a viable destination for Cubs Gold Glover Darwin Barney.  The Atlanta Braves saw Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy with arm injuries that may necessitate a second Tommy John surgery, while the Arizona Diamondbacks may see the same happen for Patrick Corbin.  Meanwhile, the Seattle Mariners are still looking to upgrade their rotation.  All this and more in the 38th edition of the Dreamcast.

We had to split it in two parts due to the volume of topics this week.

Part I: Click here

Part II: Click here

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