Dreamcast 37: The Chris Carpenter Edition

Dreamcast 37: The Chris Carpenter Edition

In today’s version of the Dreamcast, we salute the not-so-great Chris Carpenter, who went over to the Boston Red Sox in the Theo Epstein trade.

We talk briefly about top prospects, depth, and not getting our hopes up too much even though there is plenty to be excited about for the future.

We also talked about the free agent pitcher Ervin Santana, who had rejected a qualifying offer and would cause whichever team that signs him to forfeit their top draft pick.  Dabynsky previously blogged about Santana’s utility to the Cubs here.  At press time, it sounds like Santana is crying “uncle” and is willing to take a one-year deal to anywhere.  The latest news is that Santana is choosing between the Blue Jays and Orioles:



Anno and Rice are also offering their amateur coaching services to the baseball community. This could have fun and/or disastrous results.

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