Tomorrow the Cubs Get to Play Ball! Sorta....

Tomorrow the Cubs Get to Play Ball! Sorta....

Tomorrow, the Chicago Cubs will play their very first Spring Training game of the 2014 season. There is good news and there is bad news about that game though.

The good news is that the Cubs are guaranteed to come out of the game with a win! That’s right, you can bet the house that we will be posting the win video tomorrow on our Facebook page when the game is official. Cub fans can hold their head high, and sing loud and proud celebrating the first win of the 2014 calendar year!

The bad news, you guessed right, I can guarantee that the Cubs will lose the game tomorrow. The Cubs will taste defeat for the first time in 2014, and there is not a thing that they can do to avoid the coming loss. Cub fans can lament the outcome, try to figure out what went wrong and how the team can fix things before the next game.

How can I predict both a win and a loss tomorrow? Are the Cubs playing a split squad? Close, but no. I say this because the Cubs are playing in an intrasquad game tomorrow afternoon.

While they are only going to be playing a six inning game, which is really nothing more than a glorified practice, the Cubs will be playing baseball. I have missed baseball, and even if we cannot watch the game on TV or listen to them playing on the radio, we will know they are playing. For now, I will take what I can get. I will enjoy getting play by play from the on the scene reporters an visualize what is taking place in my mind. I will enjoy the fake practice game because that is how much I miss baseball.

This does being up an interesting discussion though. What are you rooting for in this game, other than an injury free meeting?

Everyone wants to see their hitters being able to put up good numbers to give you hope that they could be an offensive power house. Yes, I know you should never take offensive numbers in Spring Training seriously, but let’s be honest. You would rather see your team putting up great offensive numbers instead of struggling to put up any offensive stat.

On the other hand, you want to see your pitchers pitching well and not getting knocked around. Like with the offensive stats, take the pitching statistics with a grain of salt. But like with the offensive stats, you would rather see the pitchers looking crisp, and performing well than having everything they throw get hit all over the ballpark.

I am not sure which side I would rather see get the upper hand. Maybe a nice 3-2 outcome, where both sides look good, but not great and not horrible. While no one will be playing too long, maybe only one at bat or one inning per player, so you will not get that great of an idea of who can do what, but you still do not want to see anyone fall flat on their face. Even though the real first Spring Training game is not until Thursday, tomorrow we can at least get a taste of what is to come.

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