The Leeches of Wrigleyville Continue to Piss Me Off

The Leeches of Wrigleyville Continue to Piss Me Off

Once again the residents of Wrigleyville (yes, Wrigleyville, NOT Lakeview) have done something that really pisses me off. Once again, these leaches believe they are entitled to tell the Chicago Cubs what they can and cannot do with their business, because of how the Cubs plans would affect their own business.

I get that you leeches have made a killing off of the Cubs, and you want to continue riding that gravy train as long as possible so that you can continue to pad your pockets with money that you are making off of the Cubs, and the value Wrigley Field and the Cubs have brought to the neighborhood. Because of the Cubs, your property value has sky rocketed and your property, buildings and businesses are worth vastly more money than they would be if the Cubs were not there.

Now, the Cubs want to improve their product, starting with the field they play in and everyone in the neighborhood who has some kind of claim to profit in one way or another off of the Cubs are bitching and complaining because of how the changes the Cubs want to do with THEIR PRODUCT because those changes will limit their earning potential.

We know all about how the leeches who own the rooftops have been doing all they can to block the Cubs from renovating and restoring Wrigley Field. Even with the City of Chicago siding with the Cubs and their organizational plans and have once again succeeded in postponing the plans from starting. They have done this by not declaring their intentions of whether or not they intend to sue the Cubs to prevent these changes from taking place. This is their very last defense that they have, and with dragging their feet as long as possible, they will get at least one more year of stealing money from the Cubs, and being the leeches they have been since the early 90s.

That, of course, is old news. Today, a new leech threw his hat into the ring as another possible road block for the Cubs to need to get around before they can start the process of rebuilding Wrigleyville into the sports complex and entertainment district they want.

So, Thomas Romano Sr. is the latest leech who feels he has a right to tell the Cubs what they can and cannot do. Unlike the leeches who own the rooftops, he at least had the balls to sue to the Cubs in order to prevent them from going forward with one of their business efforts. Romano has filed paper work, and is officially suing the Cubs in order to prevent them from building the planned hotel.

The reason behind this? His lawsuit boils down to what all lawsuits come down to. Money. He is concerned with what the planned hotel will do to his property value. You see, he owns three buildings in the Wrigleyville area, and he is positive that because the hotel is being built, that the surrounding area is actually being improved, his property value is going to be effected. He does not feel that the City of Chicago has no authority to approve the plans.

But again, this all comes down to money. He is suing for damages that are worth more than $6 Million.

Like several Cub fans, I love Wrigley Field. I want nothing more than the Cubs to stay in Wrigley Field. One day I want to take my children to Wrigley Field. That being said, the place is falling apart and is in need of a serious face lift. If the beloved crowned jewel of the Cubs organization does not get the needed tender love and care that the Ricketts Family is trying to give, the place will crumble and fall apart. What will happen to the leeches and their business when that happens? The value of the surrounding buildings and neighborhood will plummet.

As much as I love Wrigley Field, with as much crap as the neighborhood is giving the Cubs about their proposed changes perhaps the Cubs should leave Wrigley Field. If these leeches want to continue to make life hell for the Cubs, perhaps they should give them just as much grief as they are giving the Cubs. Let them have their unimproved Wrigley Field, let them have their empty lot and keep things as they are.

Perhaps the Cubs should just take their ball and go home. Literally.


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    The Cubs ought to piss everyone off and move to the suburbs. What is it that makes them feel they have the right to tell the Cubs what to do with their business?

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