Girardi, Ausmus and Sveum OH MY

Girardi, Ausmus and Sveum OH MY

So, remember when the whole Dale Sveum job security thing wasn’t supposed to be a big deal? Right.


Today’s been a weird news day regarding the Cubs managerial position, which is still filled by the way. Peter Gammons went on 670 this morning and espoused his feelings that Sveum is out and Brad Ausmus is a candidate to replace him. Stuff cooled a bit before we got this Bernstein tweet and now it’s looking like Dale Sveum is a dead man walking.

This has been brewing for awhile. I don’t have any inside sources on what the Cubs may do but Twitter is alive with very reliable people hearing whispers that Dale is out and the Cubs are pursuing Joe Girardi.

Personally I’m in favor of any move that the front office feels makes them better. I do trust in their process with regards to personnel moves. I do have some questions about Sveum’s handling of the younger players and his bullpen management, so perhaps I’m more willing to see him go than most.

Girardi would bring in a pedigree but I also doubt anything he could do in terms of game management will have a minimal impact on the Cubs fortunes in 2014. I strongly believe that managers have gotten more conservative over time and we must evaluate managers on how little they hurt the team rather than how well they helped it win. I think Girardi is the best candidate that’s rumored to be out there (Mike Scioscia, Ron Gardenhire, Brad Ausmus to name a few).

The biggest impact I can see Girardi making next year is perhaps swaying the opinion of a free agent who would otherwise be on the fence about coming to a rebuilding franchise, but that’s difficult to quantify.

Sveum is the Cubs manager for now, but this situation is fluid. As always we will do our best to keep you updated.

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