Dale Sveum's Future With the Cubs

Dale Sveum's Future With the Cubs

Over the course of the season, I have heard many fans of the Chicago Cubs calling for the head of the manager Dale Sveum. They are pinning most of the team’s failure to win on him, and believe that he is the cause of all that is going wrong with the team. They call him out for what they deem to be his poor use of the bullpen, continuing to play various players when they are slumping, and basically for every little thing that goes wrong throughout the course of the game, and for the duration of the year. They all want him fired immediately. They actually believe that by firing him, the team will turn things around. They think that a new manager coming in midseason will turn this bunch of misfits into a serious contender.

If you think Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are going to fire Sveum mid year and then go out and find a new manager to hire to finish this year, you are delusional. If Sveum is fired, you are going to get a healthy dose of Jamie Quirk as the Cubs manager for the remainder of the year. Does he come off as someone who will be able to lead the Cubs to greatness? Do you really think that he will be the Manager that is able to turn this season around and get this team closer to a .500 finish? If that is what you really believe, then I feel sorry for you. I do not think that anyone will be able to take over this years club and find a way to turn them into a winning team. I do not think that there is any manager out there who will be able to turn this years team into anything close to a success.

Since firing Sveum this year looks like a completely ridiculous idea, how about just letting him walk away at the end of the year like many others are suggesting? While that may very well be possible, I am not sure that is a real possibility either. If you actually take time to think about this, I am sure you will come to the conclusion that may not be the best decision either.

When the Cubs hired Sveum before the 2012 season, they gave him a two year contract with an option year for the 2014 season. He was hired to be a place holder, as well as to help mold the younger players and teach them to be major leaguers. Epstein and Hoyer did not hire Sveum to win the World Series, or to reach the playoffs. They knew that for a couple of years the Cubs were going to be horrible and are not judging Svuem’s success based on the record he accumulates as the Manager of the team. Time and time again they have defended Sveum saying that the losses are not on him, but on them as they are the ones who put this team together. I doubt they would throw themselves under the bus for a manager they had no intention to bring back the following year.

He will be able to be brought back on the cheap side for what has already been written off as another “throw away year” as the rebuilding process continues. They are already figuring that the 2014 team will also be one that many fans will want to forget as things may not be much fun to watch at the ballpark, and the wins will not come in bunches. They are unlikely to go out and find a new manager for the 2014 season for a team that will not likely be in contention, no matter how smart or experienced the manager is. Along those same lines, what manager with any credibility will want to take over a team that is projected to be as bad as the 2014 Cubs are? You will likely not find anyone with any experience at all willing to take over this ball club. That means you are likely going to see another first year manager at the helm. Personally, I would rather stick with Sveum than someone else who will be learning on the job.

In fact, 2014 may not be the last year for Sveum either. Epstein and Hoyer are big fans of his because he is a no nonsense guy who is able to teach young ball players. They know that he can be re-signed on the cheap for a few more years if he wants to be back, and I have a hard time imagining that he would not want to be. He bought into the plan Epstein and Hoyer laid out in front of him, and I am sure he would want to see the team he has watched grow up before his eyes as they mature into what is hopefully a good team in 2015 and beyond.

On that same note, not bringing him back to manage a team that is actually supposed to compete after asking him to sit through the terrible years would be kind of a shitty move. While I have no insider knowledge of the going ons inside the inner workings of the Cubs front office I can only imagine the conversation there. “Hey Dale, how would you like to take over a team that is going to completely suck and then not be brought back when they are actually supposed to be good?” I am sure that would go over quite well. They likely explained the situation to Sveum, laid the plan out in front of him and told him that the years his initial contract covered were going to be one he would wish to forget. As an enticer, they might have told him if he survived the three years of absolute failure and wanted to come back, the ball would be in his court. Otherwise why would anyone want to make their first job as a manager be one where they knew they had no chance of winning? Coming off of three horrendous years is no way to get your name known to future potential employers. Taking the Cubs job knowing they would be as dismal as you could get would be career suicide. There almost has to be a payoff somewhere, and an extension is likely what the payoff is. Giving him a chance to manage a team that is expected to contend is likely what Epstein and Hoyer will offer him as a thank you for putting up with three years of crap.

Of course, after sitting through three years of this crap, he may not want to come back. I am sure he has questioned his decision to take this job many times. Who wouldn’t question their decision after seeing the crap bullpen they were given blow game after game? I am sure he has had many sleepless nights  since he was hired where he wondered just what he has done. He might have been driven to drink a few times this year alone. If you are a Sveum hater, this might be your chance to be rid of him. He may be so frustrated with the situation he agreed to take on, that he just walks away. While that is highly doubtful, I have learned to never say never.

So, if you are one of those who are refusing to watch the Cubs as long as Sveum is still in charge of the team, get ready. You may be in for a long journey without watching the team you claim to love. Sveum will likely be here for at least another year if not more.


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  • Dale will be here for awhile.....we are at the half way of his contract.......his game decisions are at times, confusing......but with Marmol gone, it should get better.

  • Yeah, I think Dale will be here for awhile, think he's doing what he was hired to do and with a less than stellar roster top to bottom. Sure, there have been some " huh?" decisions, can't imagine Leyland, Larussa, Showalter, etc. didn't make a few of those in their first few years and still do. Really feel the fruits of his and his coaches labors of teaching mental and physical professional baseball will be evident sooner than later and for a sustainable future rather than a year here a year there type thing. He's a good baseball man, worked with some really good managers, he deserves to see it come together as manager Imo, how many past managers with way more Major league talent , HOF talent, didn't get it done?

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