Chicago Cubs should keep the throwback uniforms

This past Saturday the Cubs wore some pretty spiffy throwbacks for their game against the Seattle Mariners. The uniforms are what the Cubs wore for the 1909 season which was part the only dynasty era the Cubs ever had as a part of Major League Baseball.

Here, take a look at Starlin Castro modeling the new/old uniforms.


There’s a lot to love about these uniforms. I’m a sucker for navy blue and gray so the color scheme is winning huge points for me already here. I also like the stripe with “CHICAGO” down the middle of the jersey, and the C looks regal in blue.

Pin-stripped road jerseys have a tendency to look tacky but I think it works with these. Also the hat is simple and elegant and I’m already looking to purchase one right now.

These uniforms just look like baseball. Seriously, look at them all in conjunction:


Even Kevin Gregg looks like a bad mofo in this getup and that’s fairly tough to do in my opinion.

The uniforms are a big hit, we got a lot of page interaction when we posted a few images of the uniforms and it was overwhelmingly positive and in favor of replacing the current road uniforms with these (minor detail I and many others would fix: go with black shoes, not Cubs blue).


Let’s get a petition going. I am completely in favor of a re-branding of sorts for the Chicago Cubs, and if it starts with the road uniforms, so be it.

Simple and elegant design is something to be celebrated in a uniform. The throwbacks do simple and elegant very well.

They don’t have to use these exact uniforms but a new road uniform in the spirit of these 1909 jerseys would be huge and they would sell big time. I do like the CHICAGO stripe down the middle and I think a lot of people do. Also the socks are just gorgeous so I would keep those and maybe even go back to using stirrups.

The new-old look was a good one, lets let the Cubs know that we want it to come back permanently in 2014.



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  • I'm with you. I dig these uni's. I've also been in favor of them dumping the horrible home uni's that they use now and go with something more modern. They need to dump all that is associated with the OLD CUBS BRAND and change it up. Maybe a solid off white with a thin red stripe over a thick blue stripe going down the side of the pant legs. Think Giants uni's. No name on the back, too. I really liked and miss the 80's uni's with no name on the back. Those were great.

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    I agree... and I have always loved the "Cubbie" logo from the late 60's.... I hate the "new" cub crawling through a "C". Look at what the Orioles did bringing back their more cartoon-ish logo.. everyone seems to love it and prefer it to the Audubon Society Oriole they had for the past decade or so. And yes, lets kill the names on the back of the home jerseys

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