Carlos Marmol TRADED to the Dodgers: More than meets the eye (UPDATES)

Carlos Marmol TRADED to the Dodgers: More than meets the eye (UPDATES)

Today, in what can only be described as a surprise, the Chicago Cubs were actually able to find a way to trade Carlos Marmol. The pigeon that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer found were the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Cubs had already traded Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger away for Pedro Strop, Jake Arrieta, and about $388K in international slot money.

If you remember, and I am sure no one in Cubs Nation could ever forget, the Cubs designated Marmol for assignment on June 25. That gave them 10 days to either trade Marmol or grant him his unconditional release allowing him to seek employment with any team he chooses while pocketing the nearly $5 Million he is still owed on his contract.



Coming to the Cubs in exchange for Marmol is Matt Guerrier, who was a fairly good reliever for a while but has since fallen flat.  The fact that the Cubs got a warm body for someone they were willing to pay to go away is astonishing. This alone is worthy for Cub fans to start giving Epstein and Hoyer some credit for improving the team. Addition by subtraction is one thing, but actually getting something in return is even better; even if the player the Cubs are getting back is a career A-Ball player. The bummer is that the Cubs have to send away some of their international pool money, which amounts to $209,700 and drops their surplus to about $170K now.  However, using Ronald Torreyes to Houston to get the #2 and #3 slots, the Cubs gained $468,400 and $316,300 respectively, so they actually ended the day up nearly a million dollars.  Badass.

I think the awesomeness of this deal can be summed up like this:

I am not sure why any team would be willing to give up anything for Marmol when they could have had him for free. Waiting a few more days, the Dodgers would have been able to pick him up off the trash heap. Minimal salary requirements, not having to give up any players, completely and utterly for free. The only reason I can possibly imagine, is that there actually were a number of teams who had interest in picking up Marmol once he cleared waivers, and the Dodgers wanted to jump the gun to make sure they were the team to grab him. This could have been accomplished by just claiming him on waivers, but then they would have been responsible for the entire $5 Million that he is presently owed instead of the small chunk they have agreed to pick up. As of now, the Cubs actually saved some money:


Today is a day to celebrate. The Cubs somehow found a way to trade away a player that was thought to be un-tradable. They found a way to trade the un-tradable player in a situation where a team did not have to trade for him to get his services. If you have ever doubted what Epstein and Hoyer could do, this has got to give you something to think about.  Or maybe it’s because Ned Colletti is stupid.  One of the two.  Maybe both. (Updates from Rice below)


Update 1:45 PM: Marmol is going to be pitching in some launchpads in the PCL, this will be fun:



Update 1:51 PM: While trying to figure out exactly how much money switched hands aside from the international slot amount, we found out that not even MLBTR could figure it out just yet:

Of Marmol’s $9.8MM salary this year, about $4.8MM remains.  The Cubs will pay nearly $2MM of his salary, tweets Yahoo’s Tim Brown, plus the aforementioned pool money.  Guerrier has about $1.8MM remaining, but somehow, Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times says the Marmol acquisition ends up adding only about $500K to the Dodgers’ payroll.  We’ll try to figure out the discrepancy, but from the Cubs’ point of view, getting anything for Marmol is a plus.

Colin Wyers on Twitter has a funny reaction to this deal, which isn’t as rosy as we once thought with the slot going to the Dodgers:



Also, if you were interested in how the international spending shapes up for the Cubs:


The great John Arguello at Cubs Den has a recap of the festivities as well.   John doesn’t seem too enamored with Matt Guerrier, who isn’t expected to stay in the Cubs system past this season.


Update 2:12 PM: Looks like the new guys are going to come hang out in Oaktown:



Update 2:24 PM: Jackson has a minor league update on

Update 2:36 PM: Ken Rosenthal thinks he’s got the numbers right:


If that’s the case, the deal makes slightly less sense than it did before. Or else Colin was right and Marmol was that much of a headache that the Cubs would sacrifice $209K of slot money to get rid of him.

Update 3:11 PM: Interesting wrinkle to Marmol deal for #Dodgers: If Marmol doesn’t work out, LA releases him & he signs elsewhere they get more $ from #Cubs

-according to Jayson Stark
Update 3:12 PM: 

The deal is for $800K according to Ben Badler.

Update 3:19 PM: (from Rice) Okay, so this deal is a bit sour now, but I’m holding on to the RC car exploding a hydrogen balloon video because I’m going to try to make sense of it.  There’s really no reason to trade a shitty reliever for another shitty reliever while receiving little salary relief AND also coughing up international slot money.  If they wanted to get rid of Marmol, the Cubs should have just released him.  However, if the Cubs knew that Matt Guerrier was being waited out (Guerrier had also been DFA), even though he passed through waivers suggesting nobody wanted him, it is possible that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer made the call to block a sign-after-release and instead are now using Guerrier as a flip candidate to either get additional pool money or…something.  It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

Also, re: Jake Arrieta


Update 3:30 PM: John from Cubs Den has this bit of cool news re: int’l prospect signings…



Update 5:34 PM: Harry Pavlidas, who will guest with us on the next Dreamcast, also had a funny tweet regarding Marmol’s mechanics, which apparently the Dodgers think they can fix like they did with Brandon League


Excuse me while I chortle.  But seriously, hope Marmol does well, because as we saw above, if he craps out and the Dodgers release him, then the Cubs owe them more money.  Feh.


Update 10:24 PM: Thanks to John at Cubs Den for the heads-up again…



The money announcement probably comes in the next couple days as well, probably also sooner.  Wonder who the other team is, but Jimenez must have really liked the Cubs, especially since Tom Ricketts and friends set up that new state-of-the-art Dominican baseball academy.  The money probably helped a lot, but a nice place to play baseball is certainly a bonus.  At least I’d think so.

Update 11:06 PM: Hey look at that, Sammy Sosa is a hero to some people, at least.


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