Sweet Release: For Carlos Marmol, the Question is "When?"

Sweet Release: For Carlos Marmol, the Question is "When?"

We preface this by stating that the front office and management know more about the Chicago Cubs than we as bloggers and fans do.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t question their decisions and analyze alternative solutions.

By now you know that Carlos Marmol has issues (sorry about that one, by the way) and that many fans are wanting the heads of Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Dale Sveum and Marmol himself on pikes because of their contributions in this season’s fail-so-far.  Kind of makes you wish the Cubs had made the Dan Haren trade, but after checking out Haren’s game logs so far this season…it would probably have been a wash anyway.

Here’s some minor good news from today…



Now I have no idea if Phil Rogers (since Anno can’t spell and is secretly an Aaron Rodgers fan, I keed I keed) has a credible source or is just listening to the voices in his head.  However, his after-game blurb was interesting:

There’s no sign that the Cubs are going to release Carlos Marmol, who blew Sunday’s game. Dale Sveum indicates the team still believes he has value, even if he has contributed to the Cubs blowing 14 saves in 27 chances this year.

So there’s an incentive for the Cubs to continue using Marmol despite the inconsistency and the chance for a megafail sprinkled in with stretches of competence.  In Paul Sullivan’s post-game:

“There are only certain people that can get those last three outs sometimes,” Sveum said. “We all know that he’s gotten a lot of saves in his career. But for some reason now … he doesn’t quite have the slider he used to, so it’s not that easy. But something is going on in the other innings that’s not going on in the last inning.”

This indicates that the Cubs will likely not allow Carlos Marmol to close a game again unless all six other bullpen options all contract Hayden Simpson mononucleosis or something.

How much value can Marmol have now that everyone knows how much he sucks, and that his suckiness is magnified if he’s to be used in the ninth inning?  I’m not sure he has any, and with the bulk of his $9.8MM this season still to be paid (thanks Jim Hendry!) it’s going to be difficult to convince a team to take him on as a salary dump. Even if the Cubs sent over all the salary, Marmol would probably only bring back a PTBNL, if that.  It’s very hard to imagine him bringing anything back in trade.  Therefore the thought that keeps being floated is that the Cubs should just release him.  However, as stated above, the Cubs seem to think Marmol still has value, and maybe Tom Ricketts isn’t ready to eat the $7MM or so left on Marmol’s contract quite yet (even though he let Hendry ink the contract in the first place, ugh).  As a setup man, perhaps Marmol can still retain some value and allow the Cubs to grab something intriguing out of the bargain bin.

Therefore, the release will come, but likely not until after the July 31st trade deadline, and even then, it might be delayed until close to the August 31st waiver trade deadline.  In the absence of any obvious options coming up from Iowa or at MLB (covered in previous blog), Marmol might be around for a while.  Or else this is a huge conspiracy theory thought up by Dale Sveum to force the front office’s hand, which suggests that Sveum isn’t as dumb as fans think he is after all.

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