Get to know World Series Dreaming

Get to know World Series Dreaming

The other day we put out a public service announcement that World Series Dreaming was undergoing some hiccups because of issues with our host.  We’ve since resolved that issue and you can actually visit our original branch here.

Mauricio has already written a fine introduction for us.  I’d like to expand on that a bit further by giving you a taste of what we’ve done on WSD in the past and what we’re going to bring to you on ChicagoNow in the future.  In addition to our weekly podcast which we’ll share sometime on Wednesday, we also have lots of nifty analysis and opinion articles on the ever-changing Cubs franchise landscape.

These two links I am particularly fond of because Mauricio and I spent a bit of time putting the story together to dissect how the new Cubs front office plans to put together the team.  You can actually follow the draft and minors much better at Cubs Den, but we have our own thoughts as well on where the direction is going.  Later on we will have John on our podcast to talk about all the 2013 draftees that ended up signing with the Cubs, but for now, we’d like you to consider reading our two articles on how the Cubs plan to overhaul the system.

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye out for new content.
Deciphering the “Cubs Way”: Replacing the house of cards with a house of bricks

Deciphering the “Cubs Way”: Using the Best Materials and Craftsmanship to Build the House


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