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Who’s Alpha? No Contest Between Kafka the Bulldog and Baby

Who’s Alpha? No Contest Between Kafka the Bulldog and Baby
Bulldogs are a stubborn breed, and Kafka is no exception. From the day we brought him home over three years ago, he’s fought us tooth and nail when we tried to establish ourselves as the alpha. And when people meet him (people who know we have both a bulldog and baby at home), one of... Read more »

Kafka The Bulldog Met Baby Girl Hall, And The Dog Training Continues

Kafka The Bulldog Met Baby Girl Hall, And The Dog Training Continues
I wish that a lot of my friends had been right… that we’d bring baby girl home and Kafka would surprise us and behave wonderfully when he, our fur baby, our bulldog, met baby girl Hall. That’s not to say that he’s been terrible. It’s clear that the dog training we did helped a little,... Read more »

Long Dog Walks Make Up For Long Nights

Long Dog Walks Make Up For Long Nights
Kafka and I had a rough night last night, and the last thing I wanted to do today was take him on a long dog walk. Last night, he barked, he howled, he had a pee accident for the first time in ages (I blame us “over-watering” him since it was really hot out), and... Read more »

Cute Bulldog: Kafka Loves to Lick

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It’s not always easy to catch Kafka the cute bulldog’s antics on video. That’s because Kafka often has two speeds: really fast or refusing to move. But then there’s moments that I can capture like I did in this video, when Kafka is acting crazy for minutes on end. And crazy would probably be the... Read more »

Bulldog video: Kafka begging for human food

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Filming a bulldog video with Kafka isn’t an easy thing to do. Some of his funniest moments are when he’s running around like crazy, and let’s face it, iPhones (despite the Chicago Sun-Times recently firing their entire photo staff and telling their reporters to use iPhones) don’t cut it when catching high-speed activities. Like Kafka... Read more »

This Weekend in Chicago: Memorial Day Festivities, Hot Dogs, and an English Bulldog

After jumping on everyone who walked in the door - a habit we haven't been able to curtail, at least at home - he decided to play dead.
This weekend in Chicago – Sunday night to be precise – Tyler and I had some friends over to grill some hot dogs and enjoy some wine. A weird combination, but we had both in abundance, so why not? It was a good excuse to hang out anyway. Kafka the bulldog was, of course, thrilled... Read more »

Moving with a dog to a new home: 9 tips for success and how Kafka rebelled anyway

1. Start packing early / 
To get Kafka used to lots of cardboard boxes, we started packing things way ahead of time. Yet, that didn’t stop him from expressing his displeasure at what he must have seen as a disruption to his environment, a.k.a. his running path from the kitchen to the living room. He forgot about his favorite bone and instead gnawed on the corners of boxes. So stock up on packing tape too, because - if your dog is like Kafka - you’ll need it.
Moving day is stressful in general. Moving with a dog even more so. Between trying to get every last thing into boxes (which didn’t happen), to starting to organize the new place (and finding a kitchen sink leak), it was an incredibly chaotic day. And that went for Kafka the bulldog too, who really had... Read more »

Our Bulldog and His New Morning Routine

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: Kafka the bulldog still hasn’t totally adjusted to our new apartment yet. Our once quiet pup who barely barked seems to have discovered his voice, and he’s using it — loudly. And he’s waking up a hell of a lot earlier too. When it was time... Read more »

Video: The Bulldog and the portable dishwasher

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When my husband, our bulldog Kafka, and I moved to Lincoln Square a week ago, a lot of things changed in our pooch’s routine. One of those things was the dishwasher. We had one at our old place in West Lakeview, but it was a normal one, as in: it was attached to the wall,... Read more »

How I became a dog owner and person (Hint: I met our English Bulldog)

I was ready to become a dog owner, along with my husband Tyler, in early October 2011. But it was 9 p.m., six hours from our scheduled meeting time, and we were still waiting to meet a breeder in an eastern Missouri parking lot. Despite the long wait, we didn’t plan on going anywhere. We’d... Read more »
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