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A New Year for Kafka, and What My Bulldog Teaches Me About Love

A New Year for Kafka, and What My Bulldog Teaches Me About Love
The New Year didn’t start the way I wanted it too. After a nice, relaxing, snowy night in with a couple of friends to ring in 2014, Kafka the bulldog started licking his face incessantly around 1:00 a.m. This went on for nearly a half hour, and both my hubby and I knew something was... Read more »

Our Bulldog and His New Morning Routine

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: Kafka the bulldog still hasn’t totally adjusted to our new apartment yet. Our once quiet pup who barely barked seems to have discovered his voice, and he’s using it — loudly. And he’s waking up a hell of a lot earlier too. When it was time... Read more »

How I became a dog owner and person (Hint: I met our English Bulldog)

I was ready to become a dog owner, along with my husband Tyler, in early October 2011. But it was 9 p.m., six hours from our scheduled meeting time, and we were still waiting to meet a breeder in an eastern Missouri parking lot. Despite the long wait, we didn’t plan on going anywhere. We’d... Read more »
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