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When to Take Your Bulldog for a Walk

When to Take Your Bulldog for a Walk
Bulldogs are lazy and stubborn, but they do like their exercise… occasionally. They do like going on walks… occasionally. So when is the best time to take your bulldog for a walk? That’s hard to say. Kafka the bulldog will always claim to want to go for a walk. Seriously. He may nap pretty much... Read more »

What Happened When Kafka the Bulldog Ran Away on Christmas Day

What Happened When Kafka the Bulldog Ran Away on Christmas Day
I’ll be the first one to admit that Kafka the bulldog hasn’t been getting nearly as much attention as he used to. (The lack of posting on this blog lately is evidence of that). My patience for him too has incredibly lessened. In many ways, you could say that I haven’t been appreciating him as... Read more »

Dog Name: What People Hear When I Introduce Kafka

<b>Kafta.</b> This one I get. You don’t hear the hard ‘k’ sound? You’re forgiven.
I admit, Kafka is an unusual name for an English bulldog, or really any dog for that matter. But do I get a kick out of people remembering him, not just for his dashing good looks — complete with a huge underbite — but also for his unique name? You bet I do. Even so,... Read more »

Cute Bulldog: Kafka Loves to Lick

Thumbnail image for 'Cute Bulldog: Kafka Loves to Lick'
It’s not always easy to catch Kafka the cute bulldog’s antics on video. That’s because Kafka often has two speeds: really fast or refusing to move. But then there’s moments that I can capture like I did in this video, when Kafka is acting crazy for minutes on end. And crazy would probably be the... Read more »
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