About Kafka (and his owner, Liz SanFilippo Hall)

Growing up in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, I had a rabbit, cat, and a crawfish as pets. I thought I was a cat person through and through. But then, in October 2011, after months of looking online, my husband and I decided to get an English bulldog: the perfect breed, we thought, for city living. I knew so little about being a dog owner at the time, but once I met Kafka, previously named Blaze, I immediately fell in love.

Dog playing

About Kafka

Kafka was born in the July of 2011 in southern Missouri, supposedly the runt of the litter. Twelve weeks later he became a part of our family, and he quickly adapted to his new name of Kafka, named after the Austrian writer and philosopher. Today, he also responds to the nickname Goose.

He loves the outdoors and rolling around in the grass (not always easy for a city dog), playing with other pooches, greeting any human who so much as says “aw” in his direction, eating peanut butter -- and basically any other food, and, finally, at the end of the night cuddling with either me or my husband. His antics keep us entertained too, whether he’s responding to the sound of a toy light saber, or tumbling down the stairs with a somersault and shaking it all off. And one of these days, I swear, my husband and I are going to get him to skateboard.

Living in Chicago, I’ve discovered that I’m far from the only person to feel this smitten with their pooch, and at its heart, that’s what this blog is all about: celebrating the many joys of dog ownership in the Windy City. I will never make any claims about being a dog trainer; I’m simply just another Chicagoan who deeply cares for our furry friends.

Check back and subscribe for loads of cute dog pictures, videos, and stories about Kafka’s latest misadventures, but also to read about other tales about life as a dog owner in Chicago. Subscribe to the blog, and follow me and Kafka on Facebook and Twitter.

About Liz SanFilippo Hall

When I’m not writing about Kafka: I work for a cooking vacation tour operator, The International Kitchen, as well as occasionally freelance for such sites as Colgate and Examiner (about hot dogs, TV shows, books and other miscellaneous things). I previously contributed to Purina's Petcentric as well.

Contact me at esanfilippo@lizsink.com.

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