Our Baby Giggles at Our English Bulldog

So, it’s been awhile. Not surprisingly, baby girl has been keeping me busy, and life has, completely and utterly, changed for us.  I have thought about writing — about how Kafka the English bulldog has calmed down a ton (thanks, in large part, to some Animal Sense training), how we still have to work on his love of kid toys, how taking baby AND the dog on a walk by myself on a week day is interesting to say the least, how Kafka adored a puppy playdate we had for him last weekend, etc, etc) — but every time I’ve sat down in the past, I’ve gotten distracted. Mostly by the lure of sleep.

So what’s different tonight? Something happened that I just have to share. Because baby giggles are awesome, but they’re even sweeter, as if that’s possible, when they involve the dog.

Baby girl has made lots of noises, and she’s definitely getting louder, but tonight was the first time her giggle distinctly sounded like a giggle. And it was all because Kafka the dog was running in circles. Again and again my husband wore Kafka out by getting him to chase his light saber toy — although it doesn’t take much to wear Kafka out anymore — and every single time, baby girl laughed. Now I’ve got the video to prove it! Well, I kinda lucked out. She made her most distinct giggle yet in the final seconds of the video. The look on her face, too… it’s just priceless.

While Kafka the bulldog still has some training to master when it comes to interacting with baby, this moment of baby giggles tonight was something I’ll always remember. And hopefully it’s the beginning of a wonderful friendship between a girl and her dog!

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