Our Bulldog, The Polar Vortex, and a Towel

Our Bulldog, The Polar Vortex, and a Towel
Kafka may love blankets, but his relationship to towels? They're a whole different story.

When the polar vortex first descended on Chicago a few weeks ago, Kafka the bulldog, naturally, hated to go outside. So when freezing temps descended on the Windy City yet again earlier this week, I thought we’d be in for the same stubborn dog, who had trouble doing his business out in the snow. But that wasn’t so. Despite me being bundled up from head to toe, and the dog, well, not covered up from head to toe, he wanted to sit outside.

Let me repeat that. He wanted to sit outside on the sidewalk in the freezing, cold temps. Not cool, dog, not cool.

But then he jumped into a snowbank, one of his favorite past times and things changed. Kafka was suddenly back to being the dog that shivered as soon as the wind hit him. So I brought him back inside and grabbed a towel to warm him up.

Now, let’s talk about Kafka and towels. It’s usually a hate-hate relationship. After we give him a bath, he tends to run away from the towel. Or, if he ventures anywhere near it, he likes to bite and pull at, because God forbid we use it for what it’s intended for. After bath time, we’ve taken to resorting to treats. My husband taunts him with a treat, while I towel him off. He’s so intent on getting that dang piece of food, he’ll let me do anything.

But it was just me on this chilly morning in Chiberia, and Kafka was shaking like crazy. So I went in with the towel. Kafka at first jumped away, but I managed to get in there and start drying him off. And suddenly Kafka’s relationship to the towel changed. I swear he even spun around and leaned into me, letting me dry off and warm up his other side.

I’m one of those dog owners that likes to think she knows what her dog is feeling and thinking (except for the times I have no clue why he’s barking). This was one of those times that I imagined Kafka thinking to himself, “Thank you, mom, thank you thank you. This is so warm!”

But this incident with the towel has happened only once since the polar vortex, amazingly. Any bets on whether Kafka will love his towel again when we next give him a bath? Because I’m betting he’ll forget all about how awesome towels can be.

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