The Schlumps Curtesy of Mr. Trump

The Schlumps Curtesy of Mr. Trump

8 years ago on Obama’s inauguration I got my period for the first time, confused and scared I became “a woman” in a man’s world (still). At that point in my life I had not discovered my true identity and my sexuality being that of “abnormal” to most.

This morning I woke up again with the Red Devil. My uterus screams for more than one reason. I could potentially lose my right to chose, reproductive rights and several other freedoms even though I’m a woman. I statistically get paid less because of what is between my legs. Even if I am college educated to the same degree and have the same qualifications. I am bleeding as a queer-woman that right now someone who, pays to electrocute my brothers and sisters to “fix” them, will be vice president of our country. And now the man “Mr. Trump in charge” has the power to carry out all the hate that he has been spewing out his mouth.

It feels like yesterday that I celebrated being able to get married to whomever I chose, anywhere in the country. That was a great victory for the war ahead for the rights of LGBT people, and now I feel like a VHS on reverse. Fuzzy, nonsensical and images I don’t wish to see.

As a woman, LGBT person, sister, daughter and aunt– I am worried to see what is to come of this country that I was born into. I did not chose to be gay or a woman, and the people chose to elect someone who hates who I was born to become. I am not a person of color nor am I from a cultural background that is being hated against, and those people who are, will have worse off than me in this terrifying future.

I weep for all the minorities and peoples that have been hated and discriminated against in a country where anything is supposed to be possible.


We will stand stronger, together. Bleed with me.


P.S. get your grubby hands off my flag you ignorant bigot

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