If you want the candy, you've got to say "Trick or Treat".

With the city gatherings, church trunk and treats, and shopping mall handouts, Halloween has become almost a weeklong activity. Still, the door-to-door trick-or-treating is my favorite. It’s genuinely heartwarming to see one of the neighborhood children on their first solo trek, with their parents standing a few feet off reminding them that they have to say trick or treat, or perhaps Happy Halloween, and even more so when they also remind them to say thank you!

There’s a sense of community in such a simple celebration of the holiday among neighbors, and seriously, have you ever seen a few dollars worth of candy bring so many smiles, not just to the children, but to your own face as you pass it out to cute colorfully costumed trick-or-treaters! Hope you had a Happy Halloween to see you all next year!





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