10 Little Things That Ruin Your Day At Work, But Shouldn't

10 Little Things That Ruin Your Day At Work, But Shouldn't

It’s Sunday night and I’m thinking about which of life’s joys will tomorrow at work bring. As I remembered all the things I’ve spent the entire weekend trying to forget, I realize most of the irritating things I think of, are all small insignificant things that happened throughout each day that annoyed me. It made me start to think how all the little issues have a big effect of my mood during the day. I decided to make a list in an effort to identify them and free myself of each one. Do any of these things affect your mood at work too?

10. A paper jam – In this day and age it amazes me how often printing documents is still a necessity – But I can’t tell you how many copy machines have been assaulted in ways that should be illegal. But that paper not coming out of that machine when you need it can give you a huge headache.

9. The guy who just walked away carrying the last cup coffee. Dude, you didn’t realize that that was the last cup? You don’t have the manners to make more?
8. When everyone hits reply all to a company-wide email where you really only need to reply to the sender. Don’t they know how many emails I get every day? I really don’t need to know what you’re bringing to the office party (of which I don’t want to participate in anyway). Just let the person making the arrangements know.

7. When the call you’ve been avoiding has been transferred to you directly from another co-worker. I heard my phone ringing and I saw who was calling. If I wanted to answer it, I would have. Now, since it’s you, I don’t know that the jerk I’ve been ignoring is on the line with you. Guess what, I won’t be answering your calls anymore either!

6. When your only three steps away, and the people in the elevator won’t wait for you. Oh right, like the 4 seconds it’s gonna take me to get to the elevator is really holding you up. Whatever! Just know I’ll be flipping you the bird for the remainder of the day!

5. Moving your workstation – If there has ever been something that wastes time, it’s the changing of workstations. Does it really matter where I sit?? Having to pack up all the crap I’ve been storing on and in my desk is a real drag! And now, I have to go through it, rearrange it and maybe even figure out how to use some of it. Don’t you know how much work is not getting done while I’m changing chairs? Ugh!

4. Someone you don’t like invites themselves out to lunch with you. Don’t you know that all the office drama you start annoys me? You don’t know that there’s a reason why I never hold a conversation with you that lasts more than a few seconds??

3. A co-worker tries to help passes along bad information which means you’ll spend the next few hours explaining that they information was incorrect. Somehow everybody in the free world is all of sudden concerned and needs to inquire as to what’s going on with what you’re working on. What a waste of time!

2. Your boss comes in on a day when they said they’d be off. Hey, it’s Friday, we were all thinking that we’d go out or margaritas at lunch. Yup, your Friday just got ruined! If you can’t give us raises, at least let us have a little fun on a Friday. Stay home!

1. A coffee or food stain on your shirt/tie/blouse – Can’t these coffee cups have lids that fit tighter?! Whose idea was it to have Italian food for lunch again? I’d bet that a noticeable stain on your clothes has ruined more days that anything else on this list. I try not to let it get to me, but I have to be honest, this drives me nuts! This is at the top of my “ruin my day at work” list!

Today, I will ignore each and every item on this list! That’s the goal! Now, the questions becomes, will I be successful?? I’ll have to report back on that.

Have a great day at work today, and please don’t do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!

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