Your Co-Workers Found Your Naked Pictures Online

Your Co-Workers Found Your Naked Pictures Online

When the people at work know more about you than you realize.

I’m sitting with a coworker having lunch when all of a sudden he says “Hey, you know that new girl in blah blah blah department? Well, guess what, we found some pictures of her online.” I’m thinking, are they nice pictures? What’s the big deal? You can find pictures of almost anyone online these days. But then he goes on to say that they’re “naked pictures”. WHAT?!!! Naked pictures!

Not the kind where the chick is wearing some naughty school girl outfit with her shirt open and cleavage showing. The kind where she’s completely naked and everything is exposed and “open”. Then he flashes me with these images of this chick in natural form.

I laugh it off and say hey, everybody’s gotta do their own thing, right?

A few days later, I see her. She walks over to me and starts chatting about honestly I have no idea what. Those damn pictures must have flashed in my head a million times a second as I was standing there trying not to look her in the eyes. I started to feel uncomfortable and guilty about knowing more about her than she’d probably care to share with me otherwise (or maybe not?).

Either way, in my head, I keep hearing myself scream “I saw you naked dammit”. When the guilt of the whole ordeal became too much, I started to feel angry for being in this situation. Now, I wanna say, “I’m very uncomfortable right now and it’s all your fault you cheap slut!”. But of course, that’s not exactly true, she didn’t show me the pictures, some other guy at work did. And, maybe she is a slut, but I don’t really know that for certain.

Just then another guy walks by and waves and says hello. The tone of his “hello” made it obvious that he too had seen the pictures or at least had heard about them. Then I felt bad for her.

I’m really not sure what to do, if anything at all. Could I tell her? What would I say? “Hey, uh, we all saw your naked pics online. They’re nice. You need an agent?” Or, “By the way, we’re all picturing you naked right now, do you mind?” Maybe, “How much did your tits cost? My girlfriend is thinking about getting a pair”.

I feel bad knowing that her personal life has been exposed, put on trial and that she’s been found guilty of being a filthy piece of meat by a jury of hypocritical pigs otherwise known as peers, and she doesn’t even know it.

Is it possible that she does know and that that’s what she was going for?? Nah.

What would you do?? Let me know!

Have a great day at work today, and please don’t do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!

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