What's in the 'shed?...

Takin' it to 'em one word at a time . . .

The Wordshed hopes to take to task the hypocrisy (or outright lies) perpetrated by those who seek to obfuscate facts, the “truth,” or otherwise use Orwellian double-speak to advance an agenda dangerous to the average person.  Furthermore, I hope to expand upon stories and current events, taking them to their logical conclusions, end points that the mainstream “professional” media so often fail to find.

Some posts will hopefully be academic in nature, chock full of citation and theses where others may simply be a line or two noting news of the day — either way I hope to offer a unique perspective, one missing from, yes again . . . the popular, mainstream media!  ;)

Though most posts on this page will be socio-political, I hope to also delve into the performing arts as well as they are my primary passion.

So welcome and come on in . . . if you dare.