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Romney's Tax Defense? . . . Race Bait.

Ole Vladmir must be praying and licking his chops at the prospect of a Willard “Mitt” Romney presidency.  The same crystal ball and beads must be working overtime in Beijing and other capitals around the world as the weakness shown by Willard “Mitt” Romney knows no bounds or seemingly has no bottom as he is systematically... Read more »

Does Romney's Church Explain His Effete On Taxes?

Now that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Willard “Mitt” Romney has ended his debacle of a three nation tour attention will most certainly return to his “rope-a-dope” strategy of dodging discussion on why as presidential nominee he is afraid of releasing more of the reported 20 years of tax returns he offered the McCain vetting committee when... Read more »

"Rmoney" . . . from the horse's mouth!

A “Freudian slip” or a public admission?

Middle-Class: Beware of "Mitt" Romney and the False Equivalence

Willard “Mitt” Romney yesterday fell into yet another self-inflicted gaffe: the false equivalence. In an attempt to fend off attacks of being socially and financially effete, from both the Democrats as well as notable pundits and politicians within the Republican Party, Romney decried that the, “Obama team is ashamed of success“.  In asserting this as a... Read more »

Right-Wing Savages Their Own, Wonders What "Mitt's" Hiding

Over the weekend right-wing pundits from George Will, to Bill Kristol, to the Governor of Alabama and beyond asked Willard “Mitt” Romney to “show us your papers please,” nearing pun status reflecting Arizona’s draconian immigration legislation (the “papers please” law) and mocking right-wing attempts at voter suppression by requiring long-time (often elderly) voters to show “state sanctioned id” — other than college... Read more »