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Why Willard "Mitt" Romney will NEVER be AMERICA's President

LOL, I can already hear the cavalcade of indignation!  “What do you mean”? “How can you say that”?  “Communist”! Stop it, you are tearing me up in laughter! This seemingly audacious claim is not the equal and opposite reaction to four years of hypocritical tea baggery nor a reply to Senator Mitch McConnell’s proclamation to help... Read more »

The Source of "Mitt's" Secrets?

I can’t take credit for this one, just passing it along . . . a great read for those wondering why Willard “Mitt” Romney is having trouble with the truth including today’s most recent “untruth” by Ed Gillespie, Romney’s main advisor and surrogate: Searching For the Source of Mitt Romney’s Secrecy

UK "Austerity" Has Ushered In a "Double-Dip." Will Republicans Bring the Same to US?

The UK economy has returned to recession, after shrinking by 0.2% in the first three months of 2012.  A Willard “Mitt” Romney/Paul Ryan budget has been forecast by many leading economists  to bring the same regression to the United States.  Full story . . .

"Renounce and Repudiate": Will Republicans Hold Romney to Obama Standard?

Given deafening Republican silence during the national period of anxious disquiet regarding police and state response to the murder of  Trayvon Martin, an unease due in part to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law signed by Romney supporter former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (and an equal silence from the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Willard “Mitt” Romney), a surveyed reflection of the Republicans and their presumptive standard bearer... Read more »

Joe Walsh Bucks Republican Orthodoxy? Increased Federal Power or Simply Voter Supression?

Fascinating news today that fringe Republican Congressman Joe Walsh (IL 8th) last month actually argued in favor of national identification at a town hall event, bucking a long-standing Republican orthodoxy against national identification (including national drivers’ licensing). Is this simply a radical, election year shift from traditional Republican “state’s rights” rhetoric or is he simply seeking to codify current Republican attempts... Read more »