Comments and Commenting...

The best way to comment may be by simply asking a question(s)!

Since opinions expressed are my own (and perhaps that of my collaborator), gaining insight to the "who, what, why, when, and hows" any given post might be of value to you as opposed to ripping off declarative meanderings -- that is what your blog is for!  This course is certainly more interesting to the reader!

Any divergent opinion/debate is welcome by way of the comments box – such discourse keeps me sharp and may introduce you to a new way of looking at issues.  Be prepared, however, to either state your opinion as just that, personal opinion, and/or offer credible (preferably academic) citation for any “authoritative” claims made.  I will not waste my time (or that of ”my” readers’ ) with anything less and posts devoid of this caveat will either be edited with such stipulation or will simply never be added to the comments — my blog, my parameters.  I am not afraid of contrarian opinion, it is that as a member of “the academy” I simply have no time or patience for low information propaganda or the regurgitation of talking points (again, propaganda).

More than seeking "clicks," "views," or "followers" this blogger seeks to "free minds".   Arrogant bluster?  Perhaps, but I really love Morpheus's role in "The Matrix".     ;)