2012 Election Wrapup in Two Sentences . . .

For all the observations, punditry, and poli-sci analysis the election really comes down to this reality in 21st century America:

1)  Obama: Springsteen, Jay-Z, Katy Perry
2)  Romney: Kid Rock and the Marshall Tucker Band

‘Nuff said . . .


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  • So is your argument that Obama was re-elected due to the fact that he has cooler friends? Or are you lamenting the fact that Obama was re-elected because he has cooler friends?

  • In reply to Hayek:

    Umm . . . more the fact that his "cooler friends" reflect a wider swath of Americana . . . and America . . . especially going forward socio-demographically (pardon the pun!).

    Ergo: why he won.

  • I see what you're saying now. When I first read the article I was more saddened that pop culture plays such a role in the election. But in today's high-speed, igadget world I guess that is to be expected.

  • In reply to Hayek:

    Lol, as one who grew up with and greatly misses The Clash check out my take on todays lack of a Youth Culture and the toll it is taking on our national progress! Here is the link . . .

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