Right-Wing Pundits Scoff At Romney; Limbaugh Equates Him To Elmer Fudd

Add Rush Limbaugh to the likes of fellow extreme right-wingers Laura Ingraham, News Max, the Weekly Standard all of whom are excoriating Willard “Mitt” Romney; his campaign and his political and personal chops.

Just today Rush Limbaugh underscored this sentiment saying that “the election isn’t about Romney” and that ” . . . “he (Romney) could be Elmer Fudd . . .”

Romney, his candidacy, his platform is simply not ready for prime-time nor the ever evolving majority of the changing electorate!

One need not be a fan of Obama to see the danger in Romney as many on “the left” are equally suspicious of Obama for being too conservative.  What we can see in the honest opinions of the right-wing — and in intellectual moderates like George Will — is the disquiet that comes from watching a man whose whole life has been built for an event he is ill-prepared for.  A man who, while governor of Massachusetts, was proudly moderate and now disavows his entire tenure as governor, instead running on rhetorical philosophies most can not even fathom.  Willard “Mitt” Romney is simply not ready for prime-time.

Can one envision Romney standing down Putin or other of the world’s strongmen?  Sure, he will go in with his neo-con/Cheneyeque, spoon-fed talking points but when called on those . . . what then?  We have seen his contortions with softball questioning by his “home team” Fox network!

The simple fact is: in casting a vote for President Obama one is casting their vote for centrism and moderation (read post on Obama centrism).  Full disclosure: this assessment comes from one of those many who find his policies and demeanor far too conservative.

People change their minds, people flip-flop, people pander . . . people lie.  Who or what Willard Romney is we will likely never know.  What we do know, however,  is that “Mitt’s” math just doesn’t add up for the middle-class — just ask fellow Republicans.


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  • I love watching this campaign implode!

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